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The How-To Lounge: Coping With Co-Workers You Dislike

I think it's impossible to like everyone, especially if you work for a large company with many employees, so here are some tips to help cope with your dislike of fellow co-workers.

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  • Remember that it takes more energy to dislike someone than it does to just accept him or her for who they are
  • If you can, avoid the people you dislike. Don't sit next to them in meetings, don't eat lunch at the same time in the kitchen, etc.
  • Keep your relationship strictly work related and don't ask unnecessary questions. Be sure you have all the pertinent information before approaching a disliked colleague
  • If you can, stick to phone and e-mail correspondences versus face to face interaction
  • Kill them with kindness. Keep the relationship formal and distant so it doesn't invite personal banter
  • The best and most important tip I can offer is to keep in mind that you're at work to do your job, not to necessarily make best friends. Keep your focus on the job at hand and give it all you've got

If you need to get out some frustration, make sure you have a trusted colleague/friend to vent to, and remember, company e-mail is not private property!


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