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The How-To Lounge: Dealing With an Ex

Having an ex can be incredibly hard, especially if one party still has feelings for the other, but let's face it, we all have a past so here are some tips on how to remain civil to each other after a break up. Click here to

  • Avoid one more time get togethers, drunk dialing, and especially break up sex. It will just confuse the relationship and prolong getting over each other.
  • When you break up, make sure nothing is left unsaid and get the closure you need, just make sure you don't use getting that closure as an excuse to see each other.
  • Even if your breakup wasn't amicable, try to avoid bad mouthing your ex. When one person starts slandering the other, he or she will no doubt rebut which could start a war.
  • When you unexpectedly run into an ex, handle it gracefully. Instead of acting like a high-schooler, be cordial, smile, say hello, and move on. Acting like a child or being overly fake and nice won't do any good either.
  • If you start dating someone before your ex, don't gloat. Rubbing your new relationship in the face of your ex will only hurt his or her feelings and make your relationship sound unjust.

After a break up it's easy to want to hold on for dear life, but if it's over, it's over so a clean break will be a more healthy way to sever your ties, no matter how badly it hurts. Good luck.


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