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The How-To Lounge: Decoding a Charmer

My mom always told me, when it comes to men, "beware of the charming ones." When you're 12 it's difficult to understand why a charming guy would be anything but good, but as you get older it starts to make sense. They make us laugh, make us feel beautiful, lead us to believe we're the only woman in the world worth talking to, and then poof, they're off to the next girl.

So how do you know if the guy you've become completely smitten with is genuinely perfect or just a charmer? Unfortunately, only time will tell, but there certainly are ways to help decode his signals. To learn more,

  • Sad but true, guys who make over-the-top gestures before a relationship has even taken off tend to talk a big talk without ever walking the walk.
  • Nothing screams red flag like a guy who has an answer for everything. Of course we want guys with opinions, but we also want guys that are up for listening to new thoughts on a subject.
  • If he continuously uses play fighting as flirting, you can guess that he might actually enjoy the sensation of arguing (and winning) more than getting to know you.
  • It's not a good sign if you hear him have a seemingly deep conversation with other women just before or just after he talks with you. He might just be making the rounds.

When getting to know someone, use your best judgments and trust your gut instincts. Good luck!


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