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The How-To Lounge: Feeling Good About Turning 30

For some reason, turning 30 has a very evil stigma attached to it that no one seems to know how to kick. It's a funny phenomenon because once the actual D-Day is over, women seem to feel more comfortable in their own skin. If the big day is looming for any of you, here are some tips to help combat your fears of turning the big 3-0.

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  • The older you get the harder each birthday becomes, but keep it all relative. There is nothing you can do to stop time, so instead of panicking about yet another birthday, try to embrace the upcoming new chapter in your life
  • Make a list of all your accomplishments thus far and make another list of goals you want to achieve before your next birthday. Seeing what you've already conquered is bound to make you feel better about your age
  • Instead of having a pity party, have a celebratory party! If you plan a big blow out or a fabulous girls' trip, your birthday will be something you look forward to instead of dread
  • If you're not the kind of person who likes to be the center of attention, get out of town for the weekend with your family or some close friends and escape from your everyday life -- it will be easier to let go of all your hang ups associated with turning 30 if you're too busy having fun

I know that each woman feels differently about getting old, but just keep in mind, 30 is the new 20 and it's only going to get better from here!

If you all have any other helpful tips, please share them in the comments below.


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potterlove potterlove 9 years
Oh god, I have a looooooong way to go. I have 15 years, 2 months and 4 day to go! Whoo-hoo! Might as well enjoy my years of "teenhood" 'til then.
haydee haydee 9 years
I'll be 30 early next year, I am excited!
auddie auddie 9 years
My girlfriends and I have been turning each other's birthdays into girls nights lately. The birthday girl gets to choose where we go, but we don't really do anything birthday themed (including no presents - the night out is the splurge for everyone). It makes it a fun time to celebrate, but takes away the pressure of feeling like you're getting older.
radarkitty radarkitty 9 years
I turned 30 on July 4th and I have to say it hasn't been all that great so far. My kids and I all caught the flu (all at different times of course) and the hubby got rear ended on the freeway and wrecked our new car. I have only gone backwards so far...I miss being 29!
smp7328 smp7328 9 years
Happy B-Day Alisha! I will be 29 in September and am ready for the big 30. Mine may be for other reasons than most. I was always one of those girls who said they would never get married or that they would get married when they were "30" as that was an old age or something when they were teenagers. Well, I am sick of being single now and i have not had my first boyfriend yet, so am totally ready to hit 30! Silly, yes. But what can i say. It takes the edge off of it a little.
Misskastar Misskastar 9 years
I read an interview that Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd did once and they asked them about aging. Salma brought up the fact that in Spanish (and all romance languages) you don't say "I AM __," you say, "I HAVE__" or "yo tengo 23 años" I speak fluent Spanish and Italian, Spanish being my native language and I hadn't even thought about this!! In other cultures aging is a wonderful thing. It means you are experienced, wiser, better in every way (yes even looks!) So, it is good for all of you turning 30 or any age for that matter that it is an accomplishment, you HAVE all of those years behind you as a testament of all you endured, experienced, created. We are not our age, we own our age!
Alisha_Stiletto Alisha_Stiletto 9 years
I turned 30 today actually. Wait, was this shit geared towards me? 30 bites, but I just have to think that Im getting *that* much better with every year. yay for 30!
rubialala rubialala 9 years
I'm with melyshka, we are always living and learning, so applying our wisdom to a new decade should make for better life. Let's see if I'm still saying that in a year and a half when I do turn 30!!!
fab4 fab4 9 years
I will be 28 in November and I can't wait to turn 30 in a couple of years. I am more confident with myself than I have ever been!! For me, my 20s were about growing up and I will be happy to leave them behind...
divalicious23 divalicious23 9 years
I think 30 is young!!!! I'm in my 30 and I feel fab. It's that time when you know yourself quite well and you enjoy your own company and you don't put up with any bullying from any shit face!
jhuck jhuck 9 years
Turning 21 was my big dreaded birthday. I mean as soon as I turned 21 I was able to do pretty much whatever I wanted in any country. It was the last of the big birthday's for me in my mind. I'm actually looking forward to 30. I figure by then I'll have more of my life in order, and I can't wait to have some things figured out.
melyshka melyshka 9 years
i'm personally about to turn 30, and i, for one, cannot wait to leave my 20s behind me. i'm glad i went through them and all, you know, making HUGE mistakes in the process, but i think the 30s will be so much better. cause i know now what i didn't know then... :)
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