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For some reason, turning 30 has a very evil stigma attached to it that no one seems to know how to kick. It's a funny phenomenon because once the actual D-Day is over, women seem to feel more comfortable in their own skin. If the big day is looming for any of you, here are some tips to help combat your fears of turning the big 3-0.

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  • The older you get the harder each birthday becomes, but keep it all relative. There is nothing you can do to stop time, so instead of panicking about yet another birthday, try to embrace the upcoming new chapter in your life
  • Make a list of all your accomplishments thus far and make another list of goals you want to achieve before your next birthday. Seeing what you've already conquered is bound to make you feel better about your age
  • Instead of having a pity party, have a celebratory party! If you plan a big blow out or a fabulous girls' trip, your birthday will be something you look forward to instead of dread
  • If you're not the kind of person who likes to be the center of attention, get out of town for the weekend with your family or some close friends and escape from your everyday life -- it will be easier to let go of all your hang ups associated with turning 30 if you're too busy having fun

I know that each woman feels differently about getting old, but just keep in mind, 30 is the new 20 and it's only going to get better from here!

If you all have any other helpful tips, please share them in the comments below.


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