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The How-To Lounge: Getting a Clean, Close Shave

Spring has sprung, and the pants will make their way back into storage and the hemlines will rise. I'm certainly not ready to expose all that skin, so let's focus on preparing ourselves for the sassy skirts.

Most women hate to shave, and I'm one of them! Do you ever feel as if you've doubled and tripled shaved, but the second you dry off, the goose bumps rreveal you've got to shave all over again? Every woman is different and hair texture is different, too, but hopefully these tips will get you a better, smoother shave.

To see my advice

  • When you're showering, shaving should be the last thing you do; the moisture will open your pores. Never shave dry legs; it irritates your skin and can cause ingrown hairs or bumps
  • Exfoliate your legs before shaving to remove any extra layers of dead skin
  • Always make sure to use a new razor blade. Dull razors are no help with coarse hair
  • Use a light touch when shaving and always shave opposite the growth. A close friend once advised me to shave on a diagonal, as most hair grows in at an angle
  • Lather your skin with a moisturizing shaving cream or gel. Soap can be very drying, so use a heavily moisturized soap if you must. My friend taught me another trick: use hair conditioner as shaving cream. No matter what, you need to create a smooth surface that keeps your skin moist and moisturized, so the razor will glide easily
  • After you've dried off, make sure to moisturize
  • New razors can mean nicks; if you cut yourself, use a styptic stick which stop bleeding on minor cuts and razor nicks, which you can find at any drugstore

Good luck, ladies! I am so ready for strappy-sandal weather.


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