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It's Friday, and you have a whopping zit that you need to get rid of ASAP before your hot date on Saturday night. I am here to offer some quick and easy fixes to get your skin pimple free!

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  • Toothpaste (not gel) is a great home remedy that will dry out your zit and speed up the healing process, so before you go to bed, douse your pimple with toothpaste and hope for the best come morning!
  • Use a chilled Chamomile tea bag as a compress on your pimple to reduce swelling and redness.
  • Dab Benzoyl peroxide on your problem area to get rid of the bacteria living inside your pimple.
  • A mixture of crushed up aspirin and water has been known to de-clog pores and heal pimples faster.
  • You might think that dirty skin causes zits, but that is incorrect so don't abrasively scrub your face clean, instead wash with a gentle soap or cleanser.
  • Even though you have a date you've been looking forward to all week, don't over compensate with make up to cover up your pimple, it will only look worse. Even if you want to touch your face, avoid primping and fussing with it at the dinner table.

The most important thing to remember is to exude confidence even if your skin is flawed and have fun!


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