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Regardless of what the studies may say, there are some women who enjoy a more casual sexual relationship from time to time. Though I know a casual fling isn’t for everyone, if you're a woman who's looking for some fun without the obligations of a relationship, I’ve come up with a few ideas to make a legitimate no-strings attached experience satisfying (and safe). Check them out and


  • First and foremost, be safe. As with any sexual encounters, prevention of STIs should always be the biggest priority, with pleasure a close second. Just because a fling requires more interaction and time spent together than a one-night stand, it doesn’t mean that your rules for casual sex should go by the wayside. Keep those STI stats in mind, and wear a condom!
  • The plus of a fling over a one night encounter is that you can create a dialog about what you like and don't like. Just because this isn't a serious relationship doesn't mean you should refrain from discussing your physical needs.
  • Don’t potentially sacrifice a friendship for the sake of a convenient hook-up. Though a friend you’ve always had a flirty connection with is an obvious choice, try to avoid that kind of situation if you can. Now, friends of friends are always an option!
  • On that note, avoid a tricky work situation too, unless of course, he’s leaving in a few months.
  • Be realistic with your expectations, and do your best to keep both of you on the same page. Basically, you don’t want to be having a fling with someone who thinks he’s beginning a serious relationship with you. It only leads to stress and hurt feelings.
  • The less complicated things are the better. This isn’t a relationship that’s meant to be demanding or time-consuming so don't let it be. If you find yourself becoming drained by it, it's time to step back and see if there's something more going on. Take care of your emotions and his.

And remember, it's supposed to be fun!


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seraphimm seraphimm 8 years
I've yet to meet a person that has had a "successful" or "legitimate" fling before... I've never seen a REAL no-strings-attached, no-confusion, no awkwardness, "just a fling" fling..
zombielove zombielove 8 years
i disagree with not doing it with someone who is a friend. those are usually my go-to guys because theyre aware you just want sex and nothing more. to me i feel more comfortable doing the fling thing with someone who is a friend because you know the person and are comfortable with them, that's just me though. and the condom thing is just a give in. anyone who doesnt use one with a fling is just an idiot.
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