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The How-To Lounge: Making the PERFECT Bed!

If you're like 70% of other Americans then you are unfortunately not getting enough or adequate sleep. Of course there are the obvious reasons why someone would have a hard time catching their zzz's, but there are ways to at least try to guarantee a good night's sleep.

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  • Your first order of business should be investing in the right mattress. They are no doubt costly, but well worth it!
  • If dishing out the dough isn't in your budget right now, buy a nice feather bed (preferably down) to place on top of your old mattress to offer contour and softness
  • If you are a hot sleeper, a feather bed might not be the right choice for you. Opt for a wool filled mattress pad which absorbs moisture and helps regulate bed temperature. Egg crates and other foam mattress pads are known to trap heat and lose their shape easily so while they are cheaper, they aren't as efficient
  • I personally feel that the more full the bed, the more cozy it is which is why I strongly recommend buying a feather-down duvet. They are sold in all kinds of weights so go thick if you tend to get cold, and thin if you get hot in your sleep. If you like your bed really, REALLY full, try double stuffing your duvet cover with two inserts!
  • I am also a firm believer in down pillows - but remember, you should replace them at least every three years. Ten percent of the weight of just a 2 year old pillow is due to dust mites, mold, fungus, droppings and bacteria. EWW! If you have back or neck problems, you might want to try a tempurpedic pillow, but the same replacement rules apply
  • A rule of thumb with anything made out of feathers - every time you make your bed, shake out your comforter and your pillows to redistribute the feathers evenly
  • Invest in good linens. Surrounding yourself with soft materials and fluffy pillows will no doubt help you fall asleep easier. Thread count does matter. Aim for at least a 200 count per inch and always buy 100% cotton sheets as they are easier to iron. A good tip if you don't want to iron your sheets is to put them on your bed slightly damp or if you want to indulge, send them to get laundered!
  • Always keep a throw on or close by your bed. Since it's summer, on hot nights you don't necessarily need all your sheets and blankets, just a light cover will do the trick

Taking a an extra 3 minutes in the morning to make your bed as if you were expecting company will surely make it all the more exciting to get into it come bed time. I hope these tips help, and don't blame me if you can't get out of bed in the morning!


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msmishka msmishka 10 years
I have Fibromyalgia, so having a comfortable bed is incredibly important to me. I had a feather bed...but tossed it because the feathers kept poking me. At this moment, I seem to have the bed from the "Princess and the Pea". There are 6 layers underneath my sheets (350tc -Thank you Marshalls!): quilted mattress pad, egg crate, quilted mattress pad, memory foam pad, pillow topper, and the final mattress pad(to hold the rest down!!). I have multiple pillows made of various materials- down, synthetic, memory foam. They're all different firmnesses, since I'm forever trying to get comfortable and there is no magic pillow for me. As for ironing sheets: My mother does that. I tried to teach her the damp trick, or at least Febreezing them and putting them on the bed...but she still irons them.
katlovesclothes katlovesclothes 10 years
I don't have time to iron many shirts, let alone sheets! I use the Downy wrinkle-release spray... that stuff is MADE to get you to work spiffy in-between dry cleaning drop-offs. It works for the sheets too...
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
i normally just have a blanket in summer. i hate that since i find that i really like the weight of my duvet but it is just too hot! i always make my bed in the morning but it takes less than 30 seconds and no i do not iron my sheets - i dont like mine so stiff as that. i have found a huge difference in my organic cotton high thread count sheets over cheaper stuff!
mizlynz mizlynz 10 years
I had no idea that the type of material IN your mattress affects how you sleep.
flyhunnie7 flyhunnie7 10 years
I had a roommate in college who was probably the messiest person I had ever met in my life. Anyway, she had her gigantic pile of filth everywhere and her bed was covered in ...stuff...She ended up using her feather bed as a sort of island in the middle of the filth on the floor to sleep on. Crusty, ya'll.
katie225 katie225 10 years
i hate down now. i had down pillows, a down mattress pad, and a down duvet (which i still have because it's really a minor issue compared to the others). the feathers came out in buckets no matter what thread count of linens i used and the feathers stuck to everything (including my laundry!) and hurt when they stick into me during the night. down pillows are probably the worst! you can say that maybe i'm not buying the most expensive pillows or mattress pads, and that's the problem, but i'm not going to spend over $50 on something that has to be replaced every 2 years due to mites!
intensebandgeek intensebandgeek 10 years
Lol, I don't iron my sheets, either.
MissRoxy MissRoxy 10 years
HA! I am laughing at the first comment! I didn't catch on to the ironing statement when I glance through this. Seriously, who does iron their sheets???
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 10 years
I had a month long search for the perfect down comforter....I bought one... and it wasn't fluffy enough so I had to buy another one.... it was quite a search! Oh and the thing bout getting the right mattress is sooooo true.... my guy got a new mattress and it made his bed feel like a cloud from heaven!! And for all those who iron sheets..... get a hobby...... and I rarely make my bed.... Helps aerate the bedding!
tickintime tickintime 10 years
Oops forgot the rest of my comment. I have to make my bed everyday even if it's right before I get in it. I also throw my pillows in the dryer once a month to refresh them.
tickintime tickintime 10 years
I love the comforter set in this picture.
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 10 years
I need to have my bed made everyday before I leave. It is an old habit I picked up when I was younger. I was always afraid if something happened to me after I left, at least my mom would have a somewhat nice room to look at. I know that is morbid, but it is just a habit.
GreenSkittlesGal GreenSkittlesGal 10 years
I iron my all of my sheets, duvet cover, and pillowcases. It takes at least an hour every week, but it's worth it!
leelee2112 leelee2112 10 years
Ironing their sheets? i thought you didn't have to do that with the just regular sheets. I know my mom once upon a town bought a set of linen sheets in Italy which she used once and never again b/c they're just too wrinkly. such a waste of time. and i'm allergic to feathers, and the synthetic no allergy non-down stuff is just not as nice. it's so sad. :(
LoveStoned LoveStoned 10 years
Yea, that sentence really caught me off guard. "...always buy 100% cotton sheets as they are easier to iron." I just did not know you were supposed to. Oh whelp, I'm still not doing it. :D lol
Greggie Greggie 10 years
People iron their sheets? Why?
jmmst49 jmmst49 10 years
When I was in living in the dorms at collge, the one semester I had to live at a hotel. They didnt have enough rooms on campus so some of us got to live at a Holiday Inn a mile from campus. Anyways, my bed was beyond uncomfortable. I am talking bruises, back pain, every thing. Well my boyfriend at the time surprised me with a feather bed, a duvet and new sheets (400 thread count). I got the best sleep of my life (and am still getting it since my bed at home is a queen like my bed at the hotel.)
i-am-elle i-am-elle 10 years
Know why I don't get enough sleep? I'm on teamsugar all night! :-p
DesignRchic DesignRchic 10 years
I don't iron sheets, ever!
Brians-Girl Brians-Girl 10 years
i love making the perfect bed when i clean my boyfriends room! it just makes it look sooo much prettier! haha.. i mean i dont iron the sheets! but i still line all the pillows up and make sure it all looks nice and prettY!
facin8me facin8me 10 years
who irons their sheets?
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