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The How-To Lounge: Prevent Condoms From Breaking

How to Prevent Condoms From Breaking

Condoms are a pretty popular form of birth control because they help prevent you from getting STIs and from getting pregnant. This is true when they are used properly, and when they don't break. I recommend using latex condoms, or polyurethane ones if you have a latex allergy. It's also important to know that Natural Lamb condoms don't protect against STIs, but will protect you against pregnancy.

So how can you prevent the dreaded "condom breaking" nightmare? Here are some very important tips to keep in mind:

  • When the guy puts the condom on, he must make sure to leave some space at the top (the tip) so there's room for the semen he ejaculates. If you don't, pressure can build up and cause the condom to break.
  • Friction is a bad thing when it comes to sex — it feels bad and can put too much pressure on the condom. Make sure that the woman is lubricated, either naturally (it happens when the woman is aroused), or with the help of a personal lubricant. Just so you know, oil-based lubes (like baby oil or Vaseline) can break the down the latex, so only water-based lubricants — like Astroglide or KY — should be used with latex condoms. Oil-based lubes are however safe to use with plyurethane condoms like Avanti brand, since they are made out of non-latex material. You could also try using lubricated condoms.
  • Two condoms are NOT better than one. "Double Bagging" as it's called can actually cause more friction, which can cause rippage.
  • Always use a new condom each time you have sex. The package should be opened carefully, men- don't use your teeth — and the condom should be slowly unrolled all the way down the shaft of his penis.

Want to know some other important tips? Then

  • When you're done having sex, one of you should hold onto the open end of the condom (the rim) as the guy pulls his penis out of the vagina. One common problem is when the guy pulls out and the condom remain inside the woman - semen could, and most likely will, accidentally fall out. It's imperative that the used condom is taken off in a way that keeps all the semen inside, then throw it out!
  • Condoms slipping off inside the woman can be a problem too, so be sure he is wearing the correct size — if it's too big it will fall off and if it's too tight it could rip. Also keep in mind that if the guy loses his erection while inside the woman, the condom can become loose and slip off.
  • Never use a condom that has expired. Never use a damaged condom or one that looks discolored, dry, or shriveled up.

These are things every girl should know to keep herself STI and pregnant free!

— Additional reporting by Alexis Nordby

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