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The How-To Lounge: Remembering to Take Your Pills

If you're on the pill, it can be hard to remember to take it at the same time every day, but in order for it to work properly, it's imperative to stay on schedule. For some tips on how to remember your pill, click here to

  • If you go to bed at the same time every night, keep your pills on your bedside table or next to your bedroom lamp.
  • If you eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the same time every day, keep your pills in the kitchen by the fridge or a cabinet — someplace where you will see your pill pack every day.
  • Set an alarm on your Outlook calendar or your cell phone, and keep your pills in your purse if you're the kind of girl who is always on the go.
  • If you don't have a desk job, buy yourself a birth-control case with a built in alarm.
  • Chances are you have a friend at work or a roommate who is on the pill too, so create a buddy system and remind each other every day.

These are my tips, but ladies, if you have any tips that work for you, please share them below.


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foudini foudini 9 years
lintacious, thanks for the warning. :-) I was worried about that, too, but after obsessively checking dozens of times, things are still golden. I am taking it for my skin and to correct some endocrine issues I had as a result of stress trauma from two surgeries.
acs32689 acs32689 9 years
cell phone alarm at 11PM because I'm always awake and not sure were i'll be!
DeviousMuse DeviousMuse 9 years
I took a bit of that tacky putty stuff that everyone used to use to hang up posters on their walls (kinda like silly putty), stuck it to the back of my pill pack and stuck that on my bathroom mirror. That way, every morning when I'm brushing my teeth, I'm reminded to take it.
lintacious lintacious 9 years
foudini: be careful with the ring, please. i hated taking pills and switched to the ring last year and i loved it - actually i sounded just like you! until it FELLOUT and i didn't notice it right away... I switched immediately after that. It's also the form of b.c. i've heard the most "i still got pregnant" stories about.
kenziebaby kenziebaby 9 years
I have funny little signs around the house that are sort of inside baby jokes... one on the fridge says "ready to eat for two?...didn't think so!" one on the mirror "take your chill pill" silly things I change them from time to time
nikkeeb nikkeeb 9 years
Oh man, I have a question!! What is considered "missing" your pill? If I take it the same day, how much later than my normal time is it worth worrying about? I'm usually good about it, but over breaks (ie Thanksgiving) I did not do so hot...
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 9 years
I keep mine in my underwear drawer. Really. I get dressed at the same time each day and I HAVE to wear I pop the pill as I pop on the undies. No way to forget BOTH...LOL
plasticapple plasticapple 9 years
I have the alarm on my cell phone set and I keep them in my purse. I always have those two things with me, so that works best for me. No matter where I am I can take it.
sleepy87 sleepy87 9 years
I keep them next to my bed so when I go to I see them there and remember to take them
red4bonez red4bonez 9 years
i have my alarm set on my phone at 10 pm so thats wat helps me to remember. :-) plus when i hear "do u know where your kids are?" before news i know its time for pills. =)
foudini foudini 9 years
I used to take pills but the irritation of forgetting and the consequences made me give them up. I always kept them in my purse because inevitably I would forget and when I did, I could just reach into my purse and take my dose! However, I am on NuvaRing now and I LOVE IT! You do not have to think about it and you cannot feel it. Plus, you can remove it for a short time with no problem. It costs about the same as pills ($35/3) and you only have to "dose" once a month. I tried Yazmin because they claimed it would help my skin but it did not. The NuvaRing really helped calm my skin down.
Merlin713 Merlin713 9 years
Merlin713 Merlin713 9 years
Cell phone works best for me on the weekends when I sleep in. I take mine at 9:45 everyday, and I got luck with having a class at 10. So, I take it on my way to class. I almost always have a 10:00 class... At least it's been that way for 3 years now.
stbhms4243 stbhms4243 9 years
I use my cell phone alarm too!! No matter where I am, my cell phone is always with me. I have mine set for's usually when I eat lunch (and signals that half my workday is over!)
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 9 years
My cell phone is set... plus I take it at 8 pm every night that's when my prime-time TV shows come on.... so If I'm running to see ANTM I know its time to take my BC
fashionhore fashionhore 9 years
I am terrible at remembering to take the pill at the same time every night, but I always take it within an hour every night (9-10 p.m.)They say it's really important to take it at the same time, but I have been on the pill for 6 years (and having an active sex life) and have yet to get pregnant.
ayanaphil ayanaphil 9 years
Thanks for the great tips. Although I'm not sexually active right now, I do forget my pill every now and then.
Ashlyn-Rose Ashlyn-Rose 9 years
Cell phone alarm here too! Man, where would we be without cell phones? Probably forgetting pills and getting pregnant, I guess.
i-am-elle i-am-elle 9 years
I have an alarm set on my phone that goes off every night @ 9 pm. It's a great way to remember to take the Pill. I also have a friend who takes it at the same time, so if we're ever together at night, we make sure to remind each other! I'd like to have a PillPack w/ an alarm though.
Beauty Beauty 9 years
Cell phone alarm here, too!
brookrene brookrene 9 years
funny that you posted this today, i havent forgot in soooo long, and today i did. I'm all stressed out about it!
lintacious lintacious 9 years
There are birth control pill cases that have a built-in alarm, called PillPaks!! But.... I use the cell phone alarm too. And I take mine every day around noon, that way I'm always up and awake and I just take it with my lunch. When I used to try to take it in the morning, I would get thrown off on the weekends and forget. I always have my phone and pills in my purse anyway wherever I am.
7kimba7 7kimba7 9 years
I have the alarm set on the cell phone and I always keep the pack in my purse, no matter if I'm at home doing nothing.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Yes, I set my cellphone too! but I take it every morning when I'm gettign ready to leave so I ususally only need the alarm for the weekends so I can get up, take it, and go back to sleep :)
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