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The first date is nervewracking and exciting, but it’s also a no brainer — you either like him or you don’t, and that’s that. But when it comes to the second date, there’s a bit more pressure. Obviously something appealed to both of you enough to make a second date worth it, but now it's time to find out if there's a potential romance at stake. While the first date is all about making a good impression, the second date is about seeing if there’s any compatibility. To check out some tips for having great second date,


  • Keep your expectations realistic. Focus more on getting to know him than having the date of your life.
  • Be prepared to reveal more about yourself, and I’m not just talking about how you got the scar on your chin. Let him see who you are and what makes you tick. If you’re a steak and potatoes girl, skip the typical date-night salad and go all out. If you love a little comedy, don’t be afraid to poke a little fun. It’s all about establishing your style and making sure it meshes well with his.
  • Ask some of those burning questions. You know that rule about not discussing old relationships during the first few dates? Well, I disagree. Anybody who goes on and on about their old flings obviously still needs some closure, but finding out if he just got out of a five-year stint or if he’s never been in a serious relationship is important information!
  • Keep an open mind. If he feels any kind of connection with you, it’s likely that he’ll start revealing more about himself. Even if you find out something that you’re not thrilled with, give him the benefit of the doubt — it is only the second date.
  • If you think he’s a great guy but nothing more, don’t feel badly about passing on the third date. The glory of the second date is that you can make a more informed decision without hurting his feelings if you don’t want to take things any further.


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