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Summer is always the high season for travel and if you are planning on braving the crowds in the next few months, there are a few things you should take into consideration before hitting the must see sights.

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  • Before your trip, make sure you have a game plan. On my first trip to Washington D.C. when I was young, my mother mapped out every day on index cards to make sure we had enough time to see everything. I thought it was ridiculous at the time, but we didn't miss a single sight
  • Obviously the best way to avoid the crowds is to go off season
  • Even if you are trying to pack lightly, be sure to bring the essentials for comfort and mobility. Remember to dress in layers -- even if it is hot outside, museums tend to be air conditioned as well as most restaurants

  • Your shoes are one of the most important things when it comes to sightseeing, so be sure to break them in. Getting blisters can really ruin your trip so opt for comfort over fashion
  • The early bird catches the worm when it comes to beating the crowds so coordinate your group to get to the sights as early as possible
  • A smart trick someone taught me once is to start from the end of an attraction or exhibit and work your way against the traffic. That way you can move at your own pace without dealing with bottleneck congestion
  • Book appointments with docents or travel guides if you can. They will know where to take you, the important aspects of each sight to point out, and will be the best judge of mapping out your time
  • When traveling, people tend to over exert themselves right off the bat leaving them burnt out before all their destinations are met. Be sure to rest, stay hydrated, and most of all enjoy your vacation

I hope these tips are helpful for all you jet setters out there, and remember not to forget your camera! Safe travels!


yrschatool yrschatool 10 years
I love helping tourists find the good places! I live in such a great place it's a pleasure to share it :) When I travel I always appreciate a friendly face, so I return the favor here at home.
cubadog cubadog 10 years
Please I am begging you especially american tourist when you go to NYC get a map. Nothing was more irritating than trying to get to get to work and your listening to your IPOD to have some stranger ask you how to get somewhere. My favorite was the person asking me where the Empire State Building was and they were standing right in front of it!
Lunerslides Lunerslides 10 years
Always go off the beaten path away from the crowds esp. in Europe that's how I found my favorite comfy sweater and a few rad vintage shops in Germany.
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