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One of the most common couples' complaints is not having enough time for intimacy. In response, people always offer a rather silly solution: Set aside a special “sexy” time. This may work for some people, but personally I think the idea of setting a sex schedule is mildly depressing. I think it’s far sexier to turn boring life obligations into intense foreplay. To check out some fun suggestions,

  • Exhaustion can really put a damper on a person's mood, so you have to beat it. Instead of rushing to get the dishes done and the kitchen cleaned after dinner, head on over to bed. You don’t even have to get in it to enjoy a little nooky. The dishes aren’t going anywhere, but your mood just might.
  • Cleaning isn’t typically fun or sexy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be. Don’t worry: I’m not going to suggest vacuuming in the buff — though please give it a go if you’re so daring — but I do think that giving him some positive reinforcements while he’s cleaning will liven things up. Every time he bends over, give his toosh a squeeze. Or each time either of you finishes a task, give each other a swoonworthy kiss!
  • There’s nothing quite as frustrating as getting stuck in some killer weekend traffic. Often you can find yourself frustrated, angry, and ignoring your significant other. Use that time to engage in some serious dirty talk; he won’t see it coming from a mile away. Sure, you’re not in public per se, but it can still feel pretty exciting.
  • When you’re at the market, pick up something totally decadent but welcomed in the bedroom: whipped cream, berries, a luscious bar of dark chocolate, or a pint of dulce du leche ice cream. Then make use of it before, or even while, you put away the groceries.

Keeping the romance alive is all about having fun, so make every moment a good one!


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