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The How-To Lounge: Styling Out Your Desk

Most Americans spend more time at work than they do with their loved ones so I think it's important to make your desk and overall work space as neat as possible so you can stay focused.

For some styling tips, click here to

  • The better you feel with your surroundings at work, the better work you will do. Clutter is easy to accumulate, but it's just as easy to purge, so keep your knick knacks and paperwork to a minimum and as organized as possible
  • Overhead fluorescent lights in any office environment are bright and harsh on your eyes so if you can, stick to a dimmer, more friendly desk lamp as your main source of light
  • Be sure to have ample storage space next to your desk. Keep files, magazine, notepads and books neatly tucked away to leave more room on your desk
  • I think the less you have displayed on your desk, the better. Aim for just the necessities: pens, paper clips, post it's, a small note pad, a box of tissues and perhaps a picture frame or two. If you have a large working area, a plant or a vase full of flowers add some life to your desk and they look good too! Other than that, everything else can have a place in a drawer
  • If you must eat at your desk, be sure to have extra napkins in your desk drawer to clean up any spills and always throw your lunch trash out in the kitchen so you won't smell your trash for the rest of the day

I hope these tips are helpful for the next time you spring clean your working area!


aistea311 aistea311 10 years
I keep a tide to go pen in my drawer in case I spill food during lunch :)
debdebx3 debdebx3 10 years
thanks :]
PinkNC PinkNC 10 years
I like the tips too.
c0rkie c0rkie 10 years
good tips :D
tati33 tati33 10 years
This helps! Thanks!
SeaFoamGreen215 SeaFoamGreen215 10 years
thanks for this! i'm getting a new laptop and a new desk for it. plus i'm a messy person, so this was very helpful.
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