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The How-To Lounge: Walking in Heels

I receive many questions from women asking for easy tips to help them perfect their walk in high heels. Unfortunately there is no quick answer, but practice will make perfect. For some helpful tips to master the walk

  • Heels are not for everyone so if you have a difficult time walking in them, even after you take these tips into consideration, opt for flats
  • Start with a low or thick heel and gradually increase the heel height as you get the hang of your walk
  • Walking in heels can be hellish on your feet, back, and neck, so be sure to stretch your legs before and after spending long hours in your shoes
  • While heels lengthen the leg and flatter most outfits, they don't need to be stilettos to be fashionable. Platforms and stacked heels offer the same lift and are easier to walk in
  • Wearing high heels can throw off your balance so use your arms to help keep you straight, keep your chin up and shoulders back
  • Walk with your legs straight and as close together as you can
  • Make small strides at first and place your heel down first
  • Avoid wearing heels in slippery, slushy or rocky pavement where you can sink into the ground or slip
  • If you frequently wear heels, make sure to give your feet a rest from time to time. Try alternating with flats every other day
  • If you wear heels to work or out to dinner, while you are sitting down, take your feet out of your shoes and give them a stretch
    • Although heels can make you feel and look very sexy, keep in mind the health risks and long term effects you could be signing yourself up for. Walk safely!


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