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4 Ways You've Changed Your Attitudes About Sex With Age

Another day, another sex study. This week we found out that a woman over 40 is twice as likely to have sex on the first date than a woman in her 20s. Most of you agree that like with other aspects of life, our attitudes toward sex change as we have more years, and partners, under our belts. But how exactly do we change our minds and actions? Here are four things I learned from your comments.

  • You're more confident about your body. One reader explains: "If I were single and dating, I would do more now than when I was in my 20's (I'm 48). The body phobias I had back then are so silly now. I definitely enjoy myself more now."
  • You can build a history: One Facebook commenter discussed the topic on our wall: "I am 41 and enjoying the best sex of my life with my husband of 17 years!"
  • You've seen more: Another reader writes: "Your morals and values can remain the same, but as we age, as with everything else in life, we are exposed to more, and the more we are exposed to, the more we grow. Imagine if sex was as lackluster as the first or second time you had it . . . we'd all have a pretty extensive hand-knit doily collection!"
  • There's no more fear: "People are so worried about the teens having sex, but teens are probably the most hesitant age group when it comes to sex because it's still scary and unknown." A reader writes, "Even though our expectation are skewed by TV and movies telling us teens have all the sex and old people don't have any, in real life the opposite might just be true."

Well said!

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Venus1 Venus1 6 years
As I get older, if I feel the need and the desire I see no need or no point in waiting. I follow how my body feels.
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