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How To Become a Legal Immigrant? Here's a Handy Flowchart!

How To Become a Legal Immigrant? Here's a Handy Flowchart!

With equal parts sincerity and critique, the Libertarian minds over at Reason magazine have put together a fully-illustrated flow chart addressing what they designate as the argument of illegal immigration opponents, the "get in line" theory. What does that line look like? Follow along and see the steps and relative wait times for each part of the process, whether to become a lawful permanent resident or a full-fledged citizen.

Following each path of the "game" with steps like "Married adult children [of citizens]: seven to 15-year wait" the payoff comes at the end — they calculated the best case scenario timeframe to immigrate and become a citizen at six to seven years. The longest path could take 28 years from immigration to legal status. The step that gives pause? Answering "no" to "Are you skilled?" Receives the answer: "Sorry! There is virtually no process for unskilled immigrants without relations in the US to apply for permanent legal residence. Only 10,000 green cards are allotted every year."

Does that make sense to you? Do the checks and balances limiting immigration regulate the process appropriately?

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