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How To Care For Your Belly Button Piercing

Dear Sugar
I've been wanting a belly button piercing for the longest time now, but the only thing I cannot seem to prepare myself for is the chance of developing a weird ring around the piercing.

I've read stories of one girl who had hers done and she had a bubble near the top of the piercing. Another girl had gross infected puss oozing from the piercing. Will this kind of thing happen to me even if I take good care of it? Tepid Tara



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Dear Tepid Tara
Treat your piercing like you would any other open wound. Keep it dressed and well protected with antibiotic ointment. Since it's in a strange place where air won't bet getting to it quite as easily as if you got your ears pierced, you have to be sure and keep it dry. Damp or sweaty clothing can irritate the piercing.

Here's how to care for it:

  • Wash it twice a day (morning and night) with a soap that contains antibacterial properties. Don't over wash it, too much cleaner may interfere with your body’s natural ability to fight off infection.
  • Gently pat the area dry with disposable paper products such as tissues or gauze. A cloth towel can breed bacteria.
  • Apply a diluted salt solution to your piercing for five minutes in order to soak off dried material (i.e. blood and bacteria).
  • Rotating the piercing is controversial. Some say that it helps to keep the hole open, others feel it aggravates the healing process. It's entirely up to you - I would get an opinion from the person who's performing the piercing. If you do decide to rotate - do it for one minute, once a day.
  • Rember to sanitize your hands before touching your belly button ring.

Belly button piercings can take up to a year to fully heal so be patient with the process. I've also learned that they are not right for everyone. If this is the case you can always pierce your tongue or your (blank) , right?

But seriously, you need to have the proper amount of skin (outties are better) in that area for the piercing to be successful. A lack of skin will likely cause the ring or bar to migrate out and thus it won't lie flush against your navel.

It's also important to be aware of the risks. There's always a chance of contracting a serious abdominal infection/blood poisoning from improperly sterilized equipment. Also, allowing someone with little experience to peirce you can result in nerve damage or scarring. Keep in mind that if your piercing looks infected - see a doctor immediately.

Note: If you are pregnant you can wear your belly button ring up to the 5th or 6th month. Once the skin on your abdomen begins to significantly stretch you should take it out just to be safe.

Here's a great link where you can find cute body jewelry.

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JordanFrearson JordanFrearson 3 years
I got mine when I was 14 and it took 2 years to fully heal but I never had any problems, also make sure not to go into the sea or chlorinated water for the first few months some people say for up to 6 months just to be safe.
cindy-000 cindy-000 8 years
the bubble/bump is constantly there. will it go awy
cindy-000 cindy-000 8 years
i got my belly button pierced 5 months ago. sometime i notice a bump/ bubble on the side of it.will it go away
ladydee21 ladydee21 9 years
Hey there, i realised you know quiet alot about belly button peircings so i was just wondering... i got my bb peirced a month ago. and at the moment my belly button looks fine, no redness what so ever just a tiny bit swollen and painful when i press on the bar bit and im worried. it only started doing that yesterday. and some people have been telling me to clean it with anti bactirial soap while others said my bb will reject it if i do. im worried that its coz ive been washing it with the anti bactirial soap and that my bb will reject the peircing. im so so scared please help. thanks for reading my really long problem
scion05 scion05 9 years
So I just got my belly button pierced today... i love it! but how long do i have to wait til i can have sex??
lola988 lola988 9 years
I heard getting you're belly button pierced with a hoop is bad... the man who pierced my belly button said it was WAY better cause it's not as likely that it will get infected. I just got mine done with a hoop, and now I'm scared when I put a BB in it's going to look crooked.
groovy_h groovy_h 10 years
hiya i want to have my bbp done but my mum said wait till my 16 b_day so that is in 9 month or somthing like that but im ok with that but then she said y dont i have it done after my GCSE's because of the pain so is she right or does it not hurt as bad as people say it does please help me cause i want it done in the easter holidays but not next summer in 2008 lov ya H
JordanaLovesKory JordanaLovesKory 10 years
"Treat your piercing like you would any other open wound." A Piercing Is Not A Wound For One..And Should Not Be Treated As One For The Benefit Of The Piercing "Keep it dressed and well protected with antibiotic ointment." You're Not Supposed To Use Any Type Of Antibiotic, Antiseptic As Once Again That Would Be Treating It As A Wound Which It Is Not And Can Lead The Piercing To Reject.. You Shouldn't Use Any Normal Salt To Clean Your Piercing In Table Salt There's Like This Ingredient Called Iodine Or Something Which Is Bad For The Piercing Sea Salt Is What You Want To Use..Its What I Use Aswell..Works Wonders :D "Rotating the piercing is controversial. Some say that it helps to keep the hole open, others feel it aggravates the healing process. It's entirely up to you - I would get an opinion from the person who's performing the piercing. If you do decide to rotate - do it for one minute, once a day." From What I've Been Told By My Piercer You Should Not Lift The Bar..Not Really Sure If Rotating Makes Any Difference From Lifting It I Should Imagine It Would Be Okay Though If Your Piercing Does Get Infected Your Natural Instinct May Be To Remove It But I Would Advice Against It As Removing It Will Only Make Things Worse!
colleeeen colleeeen 10 years
alright.... i have always wanted to get my belly button pierced, but im the type of person where, giving blood freaks me out, its not the blood, its just that spot on my arm where they take it--it just scares me. and honestly, getting my second holes pierced in my ears hurt more than getting my belly button pierced. i seem stupid, i know lol. but when i got my belly button pierced, it was a little bit of pressure and then it was over with in 5 seconds. no joke. and just make sure that you use DIAL SOAP! that stuff is the best for it.. what I do is put some on a clean wash cloth when Im in the shower and when I get it all sudzy, I squeeze it down my stomach into the ring hole part itself and I make sure that it goes into the hole to clean it, then just move the ring around, possibly turning it if you can. Just make sure that you spin it around. I got it pierced 5 days ago and today it just started oozing a little bit, but thats because its healing-- not because its infected. and try not to touch it too much! you dont want infections or bacteria...
Beautifulbarbie Beautifulbarbie 10 years
I like mine, and I know how to care for it :)
baysideisacult baysideisacult 10 years
you should acually never put antibiotic ointment on it. and the piercing that is so called "infected" is not infected. what that bubble is. is lymph. its like a puss almost. its your bodies natural reaction to a puncture wound. it helps push the dirt and bacteria about it. its usually from not cleaning it enough thats why it builds up. a way to get rid of it is sea salt, use i believe a 1/4 spoon in a cup of water and dip a qtip in it and clean it basiclly it helps suck it all out. another thing is tea tree oil. and you gotta spin that hoop. which the hoop is a bad thing to get a belly button piercing with. it makes the piercing crooked. its going to eventually move to one side and when you put that barbell in its going to look way off. and with the antibiotic ointment is a no. it doesnt allow the piercing to breath, you need it to breath to heal. at our shop we suggest just using antibacterial soap. 3 times a day clean around the piercing and whip it off with the other side of the qtip. this way it cleans all the jewlery and around the piercing letting it heal more naturally, if you use peroxide ear care solution it heals from the outside. trapping that lymph in there which is bad. just leaving your piercing with no aftercare is acually better then using those. sea salt isnt bad its not for everyone though, it tends to dry the piercing out making it dry and itchy. and wash iot after you get out of the shower to get all the sented soap off. sented soap is bad irritates it alot. if the piercing is infected it will look basiclly like a big bruise on your belly or around any piercing that you think is infected. the redness is irritation.
lovekailua lovekailua 10 years
i got one years ago (6 maybe?) and kept it clean with dial antibacterial soap. no is still in there today but i havent changed the ring in like 3 years since i gained some weightand my super flat tummy is no more itdoesnt get out much :) i would take it out but i dunno how that hole will look.
krisua krisua 10 years
Oh, the damaged one looks disgusting.
Megatron Megatron 10 years
I had kind of the same experience as GiggleSugar. I did it on a whim with my "friend" (long story). First of all, it was among the worst pains in my life and I was wearing a white shirt, so I walked around for the rest of the night looking like I had been shot. Then, it wouldn't heal, it got infected no matter how well I took care of it, and now it's part of my growing "I do stupid stuff" scar collection.
luvspink luvspink 10 years
I soaked my piercing with uniodized Sea Salt for 15 minutes every day and also washed it with Antimicrobial Satin Soap in the shower every day. I think later the skin became a little dry, and so I picked at the flaky skin and then all of a sudden a bump of skin just started to grow. I had to put this cream on it, and the bump went away, but there's a small scar. Even if BBPs are going out of style I still think they're really cute, and I don't regret having it done.
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