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Everyone loves the weekend! We look forward to them just as soon as they end, making plans as early as Monday in hopes of making the week fly by faster. If you're like me and have ever suffered from the Sunday night blues, here are some helpful ways to beat those feelings of depression when the weekend comes to an end.

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  • Most people get depressed when the weekend starts winding down, you're faced with the reality of having to go back to the "real word" whether it be work or school, which is not a fun realization for anyone!
  • While you might feel alone, the feelings of depression on Sundays, or whatever day your weekend ends on, are normal. Almost everyone feels the effects of the weekend blues from time to time so you shouldn't feel alarmed or too hard on yourself for feeling blue
  • Limit the time you allow yourself to feel sad. Dwelling on the inevitable will only make you feel worse
  • Although you are bound to be exhausted come Sunday night, do something active to stimulate your body, mind and spirit. Hit the gym, go for a walk, even window shop...anything to keep your mind off the anxiety you might be experiencing
  • If you are prone to Sunday night blues, make plans. Have a standing dinner date with girlfriends, or host a Sopranos party. Bring your friends together to make use of your entire weekend
  • Schedule phone dates with out of town friends on Sunday nights. Catch up and relive the fun parts of your weekend by swapping stories
  • The weekends are so great because they give you something to look forward too, so make midweek plans as well. Dinner dates, exercise classes, even seeing a movie will give you something to look forward to throughout the week
  • If Sundays make you feel overwhelmed about your busy work load ahead of you, get a jump start. Map out your work schedule, go through your e-mails, and get prepared for Monday morning. Writing out a to do list will help make your work load seem much more manageable
  • Sunday nights are a great time to do something nice for yourself. Go to the spa, get a massage, get your hair done (a lot of salons are actually open on Sundays), or get a manicure/pedicure, anything to make you feel good about yourself to put that extra pep in your step

I hope these tips are as helpful for you as they are for me. If you have any other tips you would like to share, please comment below!


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kendalheart kendalheart 9 years
Funny, my sister and I were just discussing how depressing Sunday evenings are. Thanks for the tips.
ktownpolarbear ktownpolarbear 9 years
More than Sunday night blues, I usually get Monday night blues. I just dread all of Monday, so I make dinner plans to catch up with my friends. This way on Sunday night, I still have something to look forward to on Monday night.
auddie auddie 9 years
My best friend and I try to make Monday night plans every other week. With work and family commitments it's one of the only times we can get together, and it really helps to start off the week since we have something to look forward to right away.
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