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How Did You First Learn About Sex?

I remember it with such detail. I was 6 years old and in the way back of my Mom's station wagon, (you know those old ones that used to face backwards?). I was playing with my Cabbage Patch Kid and I said out loud, "I want to have a baby named Molly when I grow up." My mom asked casually, "Well, do you know how you have a baby?" I answered assertively, "Yeah, when you want one, they just show up in your belly." Then my mom's tone changed and she said, "Well, not exactly. When a man and a woman love each other..."

I was thoroughly disgusted, and until very recently, I was convinced that my parents only had sex twice - once for me and once for my brother.

6 years old was a pretty average age to have "the talk," although some kids learn much earlier, and some learn much much later. So, I'm curious. How and when did you first learn about sex?


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screammylungzout screammylungzout 9 years
jeez. never had the sex talk, but i think i learned in like 3rd grade, from hanging out with the "mature" 4th graders and the dictionaries with the naked man and lady in the back. they told me the basics. i think middle school kids are way more graphic, lol, so that's when i learned about condoms, orgasms, oral, etc.
Hibalicious Hibalicious 9 years
haha everyone's soo intrested lol. i learnt about it when i was 10, my best friend had heard about it and so she told me everything, at first i didn't really get it but then i started getting details from school and i finaly got all of it! and then dumb lil' me went home and i told my mom that i knew everything about sex and she was like "oh they already taught u that in school?" and i was like well... no and i told her that my best friend told me! lol after that, whenever i hung out with my best friend after that my mom would come to me and ask me if there was anything else she told me! ha hhaa now that i think of its really hilarious!
kayamate kayamate 9 years
I learned a little about sex from my school friends when I was in elementary school. Then, at age 16, I started having a lot of sex with my boyfriend, so that's how I learned the details. That said, I wish my parents had had a conversation with me about it when I was younger, but that's really not acceptable in my culture. My husband and I always say that when we have kids, we'll fill them in on the details before they get too old.
ishop2much ishop2much 9 years
I remember hearing about it in commercials, when parents were having "heart to hearts" about waiting and all that. I was thoroughly disgusted, but didn't know how it happened, I just remember thinking this is a disgrace! So anyhow, when I was about 6 my childhood best friend was at the house and she was telling me all about it. My mother walked in when she was telling me! My quite innocent Catholic mother was not amused to say the least! I was upset and disgusted by what my peer had just shared with me that I asked my mom point blank if she had had sex to have me, when she said yes, I think I started to cry! Maybe I didn't but I remember I was ashamed that my mom had done that to have me! I mean why do that, when all you have to do is kiss at the wedding and you make a baby!!!!
lizzy112189 lizzy112189 9 years
honestly, i can barely remember n im probably younger than most of you on here. but i do remember watching an episode of home improvement (tim the tool man taylor--lmao) when i was like 5 and the parents were up in the bedrom and i can only remember thinking the hot dog went in the bun. lmao. i can never look at tim allen the same ever again. he taught me about sex. lol. but that was the first time i can ever remember thinking abt sex--altho i didnt kno anything really. i learned all abt puberty thru school. my mom doesnt talk abt that kind of stuff at all. i never got the sex talk from her tho. never got any books. i guess i just figured it out from tv, and movies.
CityGirl7 CityGirl7 9 years
I remember asking my parents about it but never getting an answer. I was just wondering, like all other kids, where babies came from, but no one would tell me. To this day, they haven't, but I figured it out on my own (I'm 23). ;)
herjoiedevivre herjoiedevivre 9 years
7 or 8. I loved to read so they bought me this book that explained everything, as well as homosexuality and stuff, and gave the proper organs and described what happened at puberty open-mindedly. I was pretty well-informed, and it was better because I didn't have to sit there and avoid looking at my mom's face while she said the word "penis" lol.
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 9 years
i'm glad i'm not the only one who doesn't remember. i knew about it by the time i was 9 b/c i asked my mom what married people did when they had one kid and wanted another. like, what did they do with the first kid? what if that kid walked in on them? i think my mom said they send the first kid to grandma's. lol. i can't even say the sex ed taught me the details. i probably just drew conclusions for myself.
lavieenrose lavieenrose 9 years
i was 7 when i learned that a stork doesn't bring babies but i didn't really learn the details til sex ed in grade 9.
yaliyah yaliyah 9 years
Sex ed class, ,neighbor kids, Cosmo and Glamour magazines... my parents were useless.
first_lady first_lady 9 years
wow, good question, i never had "the talk", my parents were way too east-minded to talk about it (sex=taboo). I guess I found out from watching porn with my all-curious girl friends back when I was 14. it was semi-porn actually, and we went "eeeewwwwww..." the whole time. it was mad funny. lol
melda melda 9 years
i didnt know anything about sex until when i was 18 or 17 i think that through online websites i searched the word sex lol and it was horrible i didnt like the pictures befor that i didnt speak with my friends or sisters about sex and even didnt know what is penis because i dont have little brothers and never saw a naked boy till then
nourche nourche 9 years
well I have a big brother and sister and when my brother was like 9 she gave us the talk with the help of a book on sex. I remember there was a drawing of a guy lying on a woman that really freaked me out because I felt like she was suffocating under all that weight. Then we had detailed sex-ed in my Catholic school when I was like 12 and 15.
baby-ballerina baby-ballerina 9 years
i never got the sex talk. my sister did though (22 months older than me). i don't know how i learnt about it. i guess i just worked it out myself... the penis goes in the bellybutton. DONT TRY IT AT HOME KIDS. hahahaha. ah, i wish if i was funny. [:
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
Wow I think 6 is pretty early, if you ask me. I was about 10 or 11, either my friend Melissa told me or I read it in a book. My mom was mad I didn't ask her first and she told my sister about a year or two later before she found out on her own.
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
my mom told me when i was 8, but something was lost in translation because years later (maybe 10 or 11) in a school hygine class i was stunned to find out about having a vigina. and all information i got was of the "this is for reproductive purposes only" variety. finally at about 13 one of my friends was all but screwing her older bf and she would fill me in. she would tell me something they had done and i would try to act cool and say "oh, uh huh". and figure out what it meant from the reactions of the other girls. but i always ended up asking "so what exactly is (fill in the blank)". i was late to the party, lol.
millarci millarci 9 years
I never had 'the talk' with my parents. They were way too conservative to have that type of talk with their kids. When I read books Wifey and Forever by Judy Blume, it had very descriptive sexual scenes and I had no idea what some of the 'terms' meant. LOL! I didn't really find out until I had my first boyfriend. Very interesting experience to say the least... Parents really need to talk to their kids about sex. No matter how uncomfortable it is.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 9 years
I just remembered one thing about my talk. In part it was in girl-scouts. One of our fellow scouts mom was a nurse, and with permission from everyone's parents, she came in and talked to us about puberty, sex, etc, and let us ask questions too. It was actually a really good idea.
junebrug junebrug 9 years
Sounds like your mother is pretty cool. Raised Catholic here, and all my mother would say that "married people" did this. She had promised me to tell me about it on my 12th birthday. So I reminded her of her promise, she was not happy. So she handed me a book about the human body, page opened to the sex part. I remember I said, "Grayish white liquid? Ewwww!" And put it down. LOL
Marci Marci 9 years
I have absolutely no recollection of how I learned about sex. I have older brothers, so maybe from them. And my mother might have given me some details when she gave me 'the talk' about my period. And we had some shady sex ed in Catholic school, but all I remember from that is a slideshow where one of the frames was covering French Kissing and the picture that accompanied it was a boy and a girl about 10 feet apart leaning towards each other sticking out their tongues.
Dannie037 Dannie037 9 years
I had to learn about it from my Dad around the age of 10. He said, "Honey, every girl has a garage and your job is not to let a car into the garage until your married!" Gotta love a sex talk with your Dad!
princess_eab princess_eab 9 years
I didn't. My mom gave me an abstinence book when I was 11. Then when I left for college, she told me not to get pregnant or any diseases-- "you know how to do that, right?" yeah mom, no thanks to you.
Black-Velveteen Black-Velveteen 9 years
I learned from watching the movie 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High' and 'The Last American Virgin' when I was 13. Yeah, those '80's teen movies dealt with some heavy topics.
cravinsugar cravinsugar 9 years
I think i was somewhere between 6 and 8 or 9. My mom borrowed a book fomr the Doctor's office that was geared for kids, and I read it, and asked questions, and mom and dad both talked to me about the subject (not the book) as well. haha. It sounds silly...getting a book, but, i read a lot, and could read well before kindergarten.
sparklestar sparklestar 9 years
I was 11 when I think I heard about for the first time and kind of understood it. I was 15 when I thought I knew what was going on.
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