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With all the press out there, chances are you've heard about Bravo's new show The Rachel Zoe Project, starring none other than the famous stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe! Fab's been teasing you with some great tidbits from their little chat, but I've got some juicy information to share too!

As I've said a million times before, you never know when you're going to meet Mr. Right, so you might be surprised to hear where Rachel met her husband of 16 years! If you're curious,


You mentioned you guys have been together since you were 20. Tell me, how did you guys get together when you were 20?

"We have our 16-year anniversary next Friday. Yeah. I was at George Washington University, undergrad, and he was in Grad School. And I stayed for a Summer to take some classes and I wanted to meet some people outside of school. And I got a job as a hostess at a restaurant, and he was a waiter. And that is how we met."

So what about all of you married women out there? Where and how did you meet your hubby?


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raieven raieven 8 years
we met on a radiohead messageboard. we met up, spent a summer walking around london together, were friends for 3 years before going long distance, have been married for over 2 years.
Cuppitycake Cuppitycake 8 years
I met my hubby in a hair salon I was manager of. He came in to grab some blueprints my dad gave me of their house, because Michael (my hub) was designing all their bathrooms and kitchen. Lol, he was all dusty and dirty from working...but so handsome through it all that when he left, I got a good "grilling" from all my stylists and the owner. Lol, I was not having it bc I thought he was a "construction worker" lol. Turns out, he's a very sucessful real estate developer. I gave myself a slap early on for the pre-judgement...and I'm glad I did bc he is a wonderful man who spoils me rotten and cares about our marriage!
wambalus wambalus 8 years
We met at a music festival in Glastonbury in England. Oddly I was there by myself looking for folks to hang out with, and there he was. I wasn't intending to stay in the UK over a year, but five years later we're still together, living in Scotland (he's Scottish).
runinthesun runinthesun 8 years
We met in high school. I went to a boarding school while he was at a local day school. We had some mutual friends and would see each other occasionally at parties, but didn't really know each other well. Apparently though he had a crush on me, so when I decided to transfer to the day school he was going to (I had a lot of friends there), he was psyched! We started hanging out and became really good friends. One night he told me he liked me, but I was caught completely off guard so I shut him down -- later that night I realized that I'd made a HUGE mistake, so I drove to his house, woke him up, and asked him out on a date -- luckily for me he said yes. :)
Newsjunkie80 Newsjunkie80 8 years
Kindergarten, actually. :)
minaminamina minaminamina 8 years
My professor! But not while I was in school ohhh no that would've been messed up. I always thought he was cute when I was undergrad (very young, his first year teaching after he published his dissertation and acquired his PhD). We ended up at an Africana Studies conference together a few years later - I was a PhD student at Yale, and he was still teaching at my alma mater. It was initially very awkward, because I had no idea if he was interested in hearing about my post-grad work or if he was getting to know me. Eventually we overcame that and now things are grand.
cmd0610 cmd0610 8 years
This are all great stories!!!
ajennilynrushhh ajennilynrushhh 8 years
It was sophmore year of high school. We met through a girl friend of mine at the library across the street from our high school. He was volunteer there after school. He was putting books away and my girl friend introduced us :)
eightieslingo eightieslingo 8 years
I met my husband on the shallowist of all websites:! Our success story is actually on their website! We've been married 2 1/2 years.
g1amourpuss g1amourpuss 8 years
I met my husband through my best gay-guy friend at a nightclub. He did lights and DJ'd there, as did my best friend. We were both in 7 year relationships (on and off again) before we got together, so we had a lot in common. My best friend kept trying to get me to talk to him... and I didn't at first because I knew he was going to be my husband. I was very intrigued.. But I really wanted to ruuuuuunnnnnn even though my best friend kept telling me NOT to break his heart. I knew I wouldn't.. haven't and I won't. (We've been together 4years+.. I was worried it wouldn't last since we met at a club.. but his parents are still together and we have a firm family background on his side... and now wonderful family structure for our daughter. He is such a great father.) (It's also funny because he wacked out cheating exgirlfriend kept trying to get me to go home with them one time, and I was like Um No. But later when she wasn't around I told him it wasn't him it was her. ha ha ha. We laugh about it now.)
ualili ualili 8 years
I met DH at a bar too - I approached him because he was so cute! We've been together almost 6 years now, married 2.
jessie jessie 8 years
i loved reading all these!! :)
GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 8 years
First met in college. I was a freshman, fresh out of high school. I was really young, and I looked it. He was an upper classman. He pursued me, and I wanted nothing to do with him, so I brushed him off. Several years later, after we both had graduated, we ended up working at the same company. As a new hire, when I arrived at my first meeting, in my business suit, my husband's jaw dropped to the floor. He could not believe his eyes. It was me, and he crushed on me again (even after all those years). He pursued me again, and this time, I was open to him. :)
Glittersniffer Glittersniffer 8 years
That's awful cute that they met at school. Alas, I'm 25 in a sea of 19, so I doubt that's gonna be how I meet my sweetheart.
AujahAcorn AujahAcorn 8 years
met my sweety at work. he had to work for me. i was not an easy catch.
julieulie julieulie 8 years
I also met my husband at George Washington. Though we were both undergrads at the time. And I thought he was a big pompous ass the first time I met him, and tried to avoid him at all costs for the first 6 months. A friend of mine laughed and said I would wind up marrying him someday, and I rolled my eyes and said that I would hate myself if I turned into the kind of woman who would marry him. And of course, seven years later, we were married. I don't know if that says worse things about my first impressions of people, or what kind of person I became!
jessie jessie 8 years
Blind date!!!! :rotfl: and we just celebrated our 12yr wedding aniversary on august 17th...
linb linb 8 years
I live in a small community so several of the locals hang out at the gas station on weekends (there is a small seating area inside). He was one of the guys hanging out when I came in for eggs and milk on a Sunday morning. He recognized my step father's truck, which I was driving, and wanted to know who the hot blond was driving it! :) We struck up a conversation, but did not start dating until several months later when my stepfather decided to intervene and play matchmaker. And that's my gas station story :)
ElizabethRae ElizabethRae 8 years
linb, i want to hear the gas station story!
Sun_Sun Sun_Sun 8 years
psterling and popgoestheworld im in ur group :P but regardless i think we've got an amazing love story to tell ;)
rice-a-roni rice-a-roni 8 years
Met my husband at a college football tailgate. I had gone to the tailgate with his friend (whom I was dating at the time) and I ended up spending more time talking and throwing the football with my husband than with the guy i was dating at the time. I ran into him again at a couple christmas parties, then two months after his friend and I broke up, he gave me a call and we started dating. 6 months later we were engaged, and 9 months after that we were married. He said he like the way i threw the football!
linb linb 8 years
We met at a gas station, of all places. We're not married, but we've been together for 5 years. Close enough.
sonya-ina sonya-ina 8 years
My husband and I met through music. His best friend had told me to check out one of the bands he recorded and my husband just so happened to be the bass player. They were having a show in VA, while I was passing through on vacation, so a friend and I decided to check it out. We met, chatted, and decided to keep in touch. Then, after about 2 years of a long distance friendship, we embarked on a long distance relationship (which was tough, but well worth it)! A little over 2 1/2 years later we were married... swoon!
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