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Dear Sugar
I just moved into an apartment that my parents have bought for me for the duration of my stay in college. I am so excited! The building is very nice, except for this terrible odor that I can't seem to get rid of. It's a combination of oranges and pickles. GROSS!
I have tried a number of the plug in air fresheners such as: Glade, Air Wick, and Febreeze, but nothing is helping - and it actually just makes it worse. We've renovated the apartment because of the smell and it's still isn't gone. Is there anything else you can think of that I can buy or use? Smelly Pad Sandra

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Dear Smelly Pad Sandra
Try leaving a box of Arm & Hammer baking soda open in the fridge. It can last there for a few months and it helps tremendously eat up odors and act as a deodorizer. Come to think of it, go ahead and buy two boxes and sprinkle one of them on your carpets to help deodorize as well.

Then check all corners and closets for anything funky smelling like; garbage, rotten food or decaying animals in the apartment. Air out the place for a few days with as much cross ventilation as possible.

PotPourri or air fresheners are just going to mask the fact that may be what the orange smell is. The key is to disinfect. If it were me, I'd be on my hands and knees with a bottle of Clorox or ammonia and a heavy duty pair of rubber gloves sanitizing every little nook and cranny of my new pad. Good luck getting rid of the stench.

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lizbomb lizbomb 8 years
Sandra, I am the property manager to a large apartment community. Every month I deal with odor problems some more severe than others. One of my maintenance guys brought me a product called Room Shocker. This product works like no other product I've ever tried it's simple to use and relatively inexpensive. It's not a masking agent and gets rid of the odor at the source by destroying the source at the molecular leve. That includes heavy smoke smell pet urine, mold and mildew smells. It not only gets rid of the smell but it completely Decontaminates and disinfects the whole room. The product is fairly new. It's only been around for less than a year So it's a bit hard to find but you can get it from a website called I swear by it and highly recommend it to all the realtors and apartment managers.
heatherp heatherp 11 years
candles and throw some fabric softener into stinky areas. the baking powder around the house is a good absorbant.
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
Wow, that SHOULD help bella!
bella011 bella011 11 years
I used to be in the Property Management field for a couple years and dealt with lots of apartments that had REALLY bad odor problems when some tenants would move out. Sometimes it would be awful trying to get the place smelling better before new tenants moved in. Things to look into before the ozone machine, because those are rather expensive. -If the people that lived there previously cooked a lot, heavy odors often get trappped in the vent above the stove. You can have the filter of the vent changed. It's a pad looking thing, and if you are renting, call your maintenance and place a work order for them to change it. -Also have them change your air filter for your a/c. Lots of times bad odors get trapped in there. Tell them about your odor problems and maintenance can put some special things on the air filter that will spread a good scent through the apartment. Or if you have to change the air filter yourself, place dryer sheets on it so that a fresh smell will radiate through your apartment. -Talk to your APARTMENT MANAGEMENT. They can order something called a GOC treatment which also sucks out the bad smell from the apartment and usually does the trick just fine for most places. They will usually do this for most places that have a smell before someone moves in. -If all options fail do the ozone treatment. But this is something your apartment management should do for you. It is expensive, and you NEED to ride your apartment management to let them know how serious the problem is, for them to pay for this. It is honestly for apartments or homes that have had fire damage and completely sucks out the smell from the place. You do have to leave for a couple days for this to be done though. I hope this info helps you!
wynter wynter 11 years
Here's more designs:
wynter wynter 11 years
I have one of these Lamp Bergers: In 10 minutes, your entire house will smell SOOO good. The scent lasts for a few hours too. A bottle of oil lasts me months. They are awesome! It's taken over my candle passion. :)
t0xxic t0xxic 11 years
U can rent an OZONE machine IDK Where from. But u set it up leave it on and leave the house. It sucks all the air in and filters it out. Worked great for our last place, the renters were heavy indoor smokers, try shampooin the carpet with vinegar to ~*We FiNd OuT wHaT tHe BaBy Is ToMmOrRoW!*~
Pinkperfectpixie Pinkperfectpixie 11 years
Decaying animals??? EEEYUUUCK! I don't think I have ever smelled anything dead that smelled like pickles!
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
Ask a real estate agent. I know when we were house hunting in Oregon, our old real estate agent said they could bring someone in to get rid of smoke smell.
lickety-split lickety-split 11 years
try Renuzit, in any sent. you pull it up and this weird (gross) gel shaped cone sucks up the smells. it takes about 24 hours but it works. i bought mine at dollar tree the first time and now get them at target. the first 24 hours the smell of the gel is very strong but then it fades with the smell you want to get rid of.
sabrinaland sabrinaland 11 years
Maybe it's coming from another apartment next to yours?
Toronado Toronado 11 years
I buy home oil fragrances and burners from The Body Shop here in Canada. I've got just about all the oils they've ever put out...the selection of (smells? Flavours?) is awesome. I'm burning some Mango right now. They even have a little burner you can plug into the lighter in your know, incase you went out drinking with friends the night before and on the way home one of them blows chunks all over your back seat. It's a hell of a lot more effective than those cheap little air fresheners you hang from the rearview mirror. They make pretty burners for the oils, too. And the best part is that even though the bottles are small, all you need is about 5 or 6 drops each time, so the bottles last forever.
Twinkle1 Twinkle1 11 years
Could be coming from next door. If not, patchouli will over power any foul odour.
caligirl1201 caligirl1201 11 years
Burn incense and buy some Oust odor remover. Spray all fabrics and furniture with febreeze and let some fresh air in. Vote "candyclique"
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 11 years
Airwick but I am not a fan of the plug in verison
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