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"My Roommate Is Bulimic, and I Don't Know How to Help Her"

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

This school year, I got a new batch of random roommates for my apartment. There are three other girls here, but my worry is with one in particular.

It took me two and a half weeks to figure out the pattern that she goes into the bathroom twice or three times a day, turns on the shower (to pretend she's showering), and hacks up all her food into the toilet bowl. We have very thin walls, and on my side of the apartment, you can definitely hear the vomiting. My other two roommates share their own bathroom on the opposite side of the apartment, so they wouldn't really know or hear.


I would notice weird residue in our toilet bowl — reminiscent of food. Also, a dark and nasty ring started prematurely forming around our toilet bowl — a result of all the stomach acid she's throwing up.

It bothers me because hearing her puke is — sorry to say — disgusting, it bothers me because taking three "showers" (long ones, too) is starting to mess with my own bathroom schedule and needs, and most of all it, bothers me because she's harming herself. I suffered from anorexia in high school (now a college senior far removed from those days and healthy), so I just feel her struggle.

The problem is that we are not friends. We barely talk. The random roommate assignments practically forces you to live with strangers, and since we all have our own hiding spots (our rooms), communication is not freely facilitated unless it's to say "Hi" or "Bye" or "Have a good weekend." So sitting down and having a talk with her about bulimia would be so out of place and awkward. I have no right to tell her to just stop it, but it still bothers me.

We do have resident assistants that live on our floor, but it would be too much to get a third party involved. It's not like she's putting me in danger or anything. Help! What should I do?

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