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How Do You Drop Gift Hints?

How Do You Drop Gift Hints For the Holidays?

We've been dropping gift suggestions for everyone in your life, but what about little, young you? Unsurprisingly, research reveals men are terrible at picking up women's hints, so let's see what we're doing wrong.

To combat this holiday tragedy, body language expert Professor Geoff Beattie identified four types of hinters. Find out what they are below.

  • Pepper hinters: Scatter verbal mentions of preferred gifts throughout holiday-related and unrelated conversations.
  • Present pointers: Use hand gestures to point to what they want while shopping.
  • Chinese whisperers: The name may be kind of offensive (why not "telephone operators"?), but don't take it out on the hinters. Those who employ this strategy use friends and family to drop hints for them, so really their worst crime is complete passivity.
  • Careless listers: Once my mom left her Christmas list for my sister and me in my bedroom, and it pretty much confirmed all my Santa Claus doubts forever. That's not the careless lister I'm talking about. Careless-lister hinters "accidentally" leave wish lists out. And, no, they'll never admit it.

There is some good news for people who love presents they can use. Yes, some men simply can't pick up hints, but most are simply less-savvy shoppers than women, forgetting what stores or websites the desired objects are at and how to get there. (Maybe draw a map on your careless list?) Whether you fall into one of these four categories or have your own tactics, tell us how you ensure he gets the hint, Hint, HINT.

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