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How Does the Texas Primary Work?

They're calling it a "primacaucus" or the "Texas Two-step" and it's not easy to understand just how Texas doles out those coveted Democratic delegates. There's a whole book trying to explain it — but here are the basics:

Texas has a primary first. For 10 days all Texans — regardless of party — are able to cast a secret primary ballot at designated sites within their county — with an additional 12 hours on Tuesday, for those who did not vote early, they will be able to do so at their neighborhood polling place.

Then, 15 minutes after the polls close on Tuesday, anyone who cast a ballot in the Democratic primary will be able go to their polling place — and participate in a caucus known as a precinct convention. Delegates will be awarded separately from each process.

126 delegates will be awarded according to the primary results, and another 67 delegates will be up for grabs in the caucus.

Easy right? Just like falling off a horse.


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