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How Does Vajazzling Work?

Things You'd Rather Not Know: How Vajazzling Works

When Jennifer Love Hewitt bedazzled the world with her Vajazzling habit in January, we really wished we had stayed off the Internet that day. It wouldn't have mattered, though, because it's not going away. This is something actual women do!

Bryce Gruber, editor of The Luxury Spot, jumped at a free offer to be Vajazzled by a Manhattan spa. It doesn't look nearly as bad as I imagined, with the jewels going no lower than the public bone. It seems no more painful than a bikini wax, but I'll let her explain.

"It’s a two-step process involving some pretty high-tech wax, and then some pretty fabulous Swarovski crystals. But before any crystallization can occur, the entire region gets waxed. Although I was initially scared of the head-of-vaj-waxing, Jill, she turned out to be more like a pleasant cheerleader than anything else. She would chant funny little things like 'spread ‘em, I can tell this is going to be easy for you!' and 'aww, c’mon, this is gonna be great by the time you’re all done Vajazzling!'”

"Spread 'em!" I take it back. Vajazzling may not look painful, but it sounds excruciating.

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