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Here's a post from OnSugar blog My DISFunkshion.

1. Forget the 'Bad Boys'

If you want to be open to finding the man of your future, you have to forget the boys of your past. If your girlfriend didn’t return your phone calls or routinely blew you off, you wouldn’t continue to be friends with her, so why do we make exceptions for guys? The reason they possess a certain sense of mystery is because they are unattainable. Despite that obvious fact, a significant amount of women still waste their time on these emotionally stunted man-children (they look like men, act like children). I speak from experience when I say they usually do not come around and even if said ‘bad boy’ did come to his senses, do you really want a guy who is going to need twelve chances to get it right? Your pet probably has more emotional maturity.

2. Be Open to Something New

As I’ve said in previous articles, we need to throw our checklists out the window! Truth be told, we probably don’t know what we truly want. Some women claim they want a financially successful husband, seems admirable and reasonable enough right? Except financial success comes with a price- he might be a workaholic or he might be unwilling to consider a family because of the hours his job demands. The bottom line is: we have to be flexible and willing to try something new. Our soulmate might not come in the package we expect but he doesn’t need to have a six pack to make you laugh or a six-figure salary to be a good father.

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Source: Flickr User mooks262

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