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How to Get Out of a Bad Date 2011-07-05 04:00:19

How to Ditch a Date That's a Dud

Whether you're getting set up, trying out online dating, or simply on the first date with a new dude, it's inevitable that you'll come across a few duds. Have no fear! It's important to pick yourself up, get back on the horse, and not be put off by what's out there. Instead of sitting on a bad date all night with someone you're not into, or worse, makes you uncomfortable, take charge of the situation. For some surefire ways to get you out of a bad date and back where you belong, read on.

  • Phone a friend. I always have a friend check in with me after the first twenty or thirty minutes I'm out on a first date. It's great to have that safety net when you don't know someone. It also gives you an easy out if you need one. Tell your date that your friend has an emergency and needs your support. He'll get the picture.
  • Spill. But please, not on the poor guy you barely know. Spill some water on yourself and make the move to head home. They'll be no arguing with that.
  • Ask if you can blog about it. Ask him if it's cool if you write about your first encounter on your blog. Yes, this one might earn you a few crazy points, but it's sure to do the trick!
  • Be on call. Look at your phone and say there's an issue at work you have to deal with. You can't argue with a girl who's attached to her job.
  • Be honest. You have nothing to hide. You're a confident woman, and you know what you want. It's just not this guy. No need to be rude or hurtful; simply tell your date that it was nice meeting him, but you're not feeling it. Call it a night or head over to your next adventure. Just do your best not cross paths with the dud.
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