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My boyfriend of 3 years recently broke up with me. Over the past week I have felt every emotion possible, and I can't help but still be convinced that he is the one for me. To make a long story short, his parents are divorced and no one in his immediate family is married, so I don't think he's ever been around a relationship that people worked at, and his reason was that he thought we would break up eventually, so it would be easier on both of us to do it sooner rather somewhere down the road.

Part of me thinks I may still think he is "the one" because he is comfortable for me, but honestly I would rather have comfort with him than date any other guy. I have no idea how to get over this break up because I can't get over the fact that I still think he is the one. I realize I am putting him on a pedestal, but I can't stop it! I have never been that great with guys, I don't really have a lot of male friends, and I haven't really dated all that much either. I am terrified of dating again, I just graduated college and have yet to find a job, and like I said, I'm not the smoothest with men. I know I'm young, but where I'm from, everyone my age is either married or really busy with a new job (or both). I don't want to rush into another relationship by any means, but I think the only way for me to have closure is to have confidence that I will find someone else (which I am really having a hard time finding right now...).

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