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How to Have Period Sex

Yes, You Can Absolutely Have Sex on Your Period, and Here's How

Don't act like it's something you've never thought of before. Having sex on your period is a topic that's generally avoided by most people, but that doesn't mean it's something you should be scared of — or ashamed of, for that matter. It's perfectly normal to feel horny when you're menstruating; it may not be a very common experience, but it's certainly not an abnormal one.

There's a lot to think about when it comes to the logistics of having sex when you're on your period. Yes, there's blood in the picture. Yes, it can get messy. But you can certainly still enjoy your time between the sheets, as long as you take a few minutes to plan ahead. Here are some tips for getting it on during your period, because you should never be deprived of an orgasm (or two).

Take Your Time With Foreplay

During your period, you might feel heightened sensations — sometimes identified as pain — which is why it's highly ill-advised to get a bikini wax during that time of the month. Diving straight into intercourse may be a bit uncomfortable, so slow things down at the beginning. Enjoy some foreplay for as long as you need to, and soon you'll feel like you're ready to go for gold.

Put Some Towels Down on the Bed

Here's a period sex motto you won't soon forget: prepare for the mess, and the rest will follow. Grab a few old towels (preferably dark-colored) to lay down on the sheets, which will allow you to engage in worry-free sex. The clean-up process won't take very long afterward; just make sure you wash the towels separately from your other clothes.

Try Shower Sex

Hopping into the shower is the ultimate way to prepare for the mess. Let the water wash away all the blood, which leaves you with no clean-up process whatsoever. Just be careful you don't slip and fall!

Experiment Until You Find a Position That Suits You Best

You might find that some positions you normally love in bed are too painful when you're on your period. For example, having someone on top of you, like in missionary, might be too much pressure on your lower abdomen, particularly if you've been dealing with cramps. Give you and your SO plenty of time to play around until you find some sex positions that feel most comfortable for you. Hint: the spooning position works like a charm.

Additionally, you'll find that some positions are simply less messy than others. For example, being on top is probably going to take some more clean-up than being on your back or your side. The more you experiment, the quicker you'll find what works best for you and your SO.

Think of Your Blood as a Lubricant

The great thing about period sex is that you'll never need to bring any extra lube into the equation. Your blood will serve as a natural lubricant, so use it to your advantage. What was once thought to be a hindrance can be transformed into your secret weapon in the bedroom.

Don't Forget About the Condom!

If you're getting down and dirty with a guy, you'll make his life a whole lot easier if you use a condom. This will leave him with the minimal amount of blood to clean up; all you have to do is remove the condom and throw it away. Besides, you should always be using a condom in order to protect your partner and yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Remember that whatever can be transferred through regular bodily fluids can also be transmitted through menstrual blood.

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