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This question is an excerpt from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

I am 22, and left a 5 year relationship last year. For the past year I have been living the so called "single life" although I tend to focus on my studies and looking after my three dogs, I still managed to go on dates etc, but really I hate being single I love being a partner.

Recently I met an older man (he is 37) at a neuroscience conference, we got talking afterward, and we just click . . . although there was not that lust or deep sexual attraction that I had in a previous relationship. We can talk for three hours easy. He moved back to where he is working (on the other side of the world), but we have been communicating by e-mail and on the phone frequently, he has implied that he wants me to travel with him, and he would be interested in dating me and he ultimately wants marriage. Now while this suits me perfectly, I will still have time to finish my degree while he is overseas, during which he will financially support me and he is very very caring, reliable, well everything you could ask for in a man, except I still have not felt that sexual feeling overwhelm me as it has previously.


Do you think I should call this off? I would love to be married to someone who is so supportive and caring, do you need that sexual spark or can that grow over time?

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