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The New York Times Tries to Keep Up With Kim Kardashian

Today the New York Times attempts to explain the Kardashian phenomenon to New Yorkers who just don't get it. Villagers find her fans classless, and subscribers of W magazine think she's banal. But 5.3 million Twitter followers have some interest in the sex-tape-turned-reality star. Here are five secrets to Kim Kardashian's fame I gleaned from the article.

  1. Over-expose yourself: One branding expert says: "You would have had to be living in a cave in Nepal to have not been exposed in one way or another to the celebrity ilk of Kim Kardashian."
  2. Diversify: The Kardashian empire "includes fashion boutiques, fitness videos, credit cards, a best-selling fragrance, skin care products and a self tanner." Definitely thinking outside the box with the credit cards.
  3. Don't bother with consistency: The intellectually honest NYT notes a disconnect in Kim's image — "In one ad she promotes QuickTrim weight-loss products; in another, Carl's Jr."— but it doesn't seem to matter.
  4. Be everything to everyone: The paper asked fans what Kim represents, the answers were all over the place. Fans think she stands for "the average girl" or "fashion," and one explains: "She has an ethnic sex appeal. I like how she created a franchise with her sisters. That opens a lot of opportunities for women who have a spark of beauty and want to shine. She reminds me of Sophia Loren."
  5. Ask your fans for input: Unlike celebs who cultivate an aloof image, Kim is accessible. "When she was deciding on a color for her Kim Kardashian perfume bottle, she asked her followers on Twitter whether they preferred a hot pink or a light pink."

Besides her ability to keep herself in the media (with or without clothes on), on TV, or on the boxes of various products, what do you think makes the Kim Kardashian brand so popular — and profitable?

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Studio16 Studio16 6 years
Um, yeah, if I wanted to be like KK all I would have to do is make a sex tape, dress in cheap-looking clothes (I'm sure they're all designer, but she makes everything look Forever21) and pimp out my mother's trashy family. Seriously? She is nothing like Sophia Loren. Sophia had a JOB.
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
No idea Her sisters are way more irritating IMHO That people magazine cover she did that said, "I thought I'd me married by now" bugged me. She WAS married, but got divorced after a couple of years.
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