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Dear Sugar
I met this guy over the weekend who is a cousin of my g-dmother. We hit it off pretty well and exchanged 2 lingering hugs at the close of the evening. When I left, I gave him my number and told him to call me when he's back in town (he goes to school in Philly). He seemed really interested and I know he was flirting.

My question is should I call my g-dmother and get his number and call 1st, or should I sit idle and wait for him to call me? I didn't take his number (when offered) because I wanted him to make the first move - but this guy is too A++ to pass up - that's why I think I don't want to wait for him to call.

I gave him my number Friday night. Should I wait until it's been a week then call? Or call now even though its only been a few days? Anxious Annie

Dear Anxious Annie
1st talk to your g-dmother and see if he mentioned anything to her about you. Tell her how much you liked him and how you gave him your phone number because you'd like to go on a date with him. This way she's in the know if he contacts her.

I understand that you gave him YOUR number so that he would call you (instead of the other way around), but your plan backfired because he hasn't contacted you. That's called wishful thinking. So here's my advice...

see what your g-dmother says (if she has any news for you). If she hasn't heard from him either or heard that he's planning on calling you then just go for it. You don't have to wait a week. As long as its been a couple of days, you won't seem over eager. Why not take destiny into your own hands? If he's really A++, then don't let him get away!

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