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How to Make Sure You Seal the Deal on Your Wedding Night

More than 65 percent of you had sex on your wedding night. That's more than half, but the 35 percent of you who didn't suggest that it's not easy to get busy after an exhausting day. Based on your comments on our poll, I found a few tips to help brides seal the deal.

  • Don't worry about having the best sex ever. spacekatgal explained that although she had sex: "I was exhausted. Non-exhausted sex came later."
  • Don't wait till the end. skigurl said: "Leaving quietly, doing it, and returning would have been okay as well. I don't think any couple should have to apologize for wanting a tiny bit of alone time during the most important day of their lives. But have a little respect and class!"
  • Get creative. Weffie would consider "taking off to a closet or bathroom for a quickie — I mean, I've done it at other people's weddings, why not my own?"
  • Obstacles are meant to be overcome, as nonamepixie demonstrated: "Between being on my period and being completely exhausted I didn't want to. But both of us agreed there was no way we were going to let that keep us from making love on our wedding night. We did it anyways."

Any more tips to add?

Source: Flickr User crd!

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