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How to Make Sure You Have Sex on Your Wedding Day

How to Make Sure You Seal the Deal on Your Wedding Night

More than 65 percent of you had sex on your wedding night. That's more than half, but the 35 percent of you who didn't suggest that it's not easy to get busy after an exhausting day. Based on your comments on our poll, I found a few tips to help brides seal the deal.

  • Don't worry about having the best sex ever. spacekatgal explained that although she had sex: "I was exhausted. Non-exhausted sex came later."
  • Don't wait till the end. skigurl said: "Leaving quietly, doing it, and returning would have been okay as well. I don't think any couple should have to apologize for wanting a tiny bit of alone time during the most important day of their lives. But have a little respect and class!"
  • Get creative. Weffie would consider "taking off to a closet or bathroom for a quickie — I mean, I've done it at other people's weddings, why not my own?"
  • Obstacles are meant to be overcome, as nonamepixie demonstrated: "Between being on my period and being completely exhausted I didn't want to. But both of us agreed there was no way we were going to let that keep us from making love on our wedding night. We did it anyways."

Any more tips to add?

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JenSeeker JenSeeker 7 years
I have actually been married 3 times now, (My fourth is in September) Although it is not mandatory that you "Seal the Deal" on your wedding night, ideally most couples want to. The stress, emotions, and frantic activity that is your special day can wear you out both physically and emotionally. Here are my tips if you want to make it through to that special moment. For Brides: Have most of the details of the event planned WAY in advance. If you do not have a coordinator, have a trusted friend deal with the little stuff at the ceremony and reception. (You do not want the venue coming to you to "deal with your drunk uncle") You are going to be stressed enough, let someone else handle it. For the Groom: The night before the ceremony is NOT the time to have your bachelor party. Get that done at least 2 weeks before. Give yourself time to recuperate. (Brides this goes DOUBLE for you) For Both: -Don't wait until the last minute to finish hunting things down. Delegate responsibilities if you have to. Have the Bridal party load the gifts for you and cart them off to your house or something. -Keep each other ramped up during the reception. Whisper to each other on the dance floor how excited you are about that night. (Eye contact while you are dutifully dancing with others helps.) -Leave early. No one is expecting the bride and groom to stay for the entire reception. You are expected to leave while everyone else is still there so they can wish you a fond farewell. -Avoid too much alcohol. Keep your drinking to a minimum. I cannot count the number of couples I know who barely remember their wedding night due to being sloshed. It's really unattractive as well. Have fun with your family and friends, but dont overdo it! -Take frequent hydration breaks. Dancing, standing, greeting, etc. takes a toll. Drink juice or water to keep yourself hydrated, and you will be less likely to peter out toward the end. -Make the honeymoon suite inviting. I used to work in a hotel, and I think the best thing I ever saw was the bridal party preparing the suite for the bride and groom in advance. (i.e. Chilled champagne, flowers in the room, candles ready to be ignited, etc.) If you are not revealing your honeymoon location, either the groom or the bride is going to have to set these up. (Usually a hotel will do it for you for a nominal fee or nice tip) Brides: One last tip. (While eating dinner, after the ceremony, kick off your shoes. (Under the cloth covered table of course.) You will relax and your feet will get a much needed break before all the dancing. (Also as the night wears on, you will notice a few others doing the same.)
sweetcupcake sweetcupcake 7 years
I'm waiting to have sex until marriage, and I've heard about this happening for others who have done the same. I think the exhaustion along with wanting things to be "perfect" intimidate the couple. I think that I've waited a long time, so what would one more day matter?
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