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I was hardly surprised to read that neighbors who live near The Hills house in Los Angeles are pretty annoyed about the ever-present reality show commotion. With the TV crews, paparazzi, and drive-by sightseers, the once-quiet block has transformed into a modern media circus, so it's understandable that the neighbors would get peeved.

Whether you live in a house or an apartment building, neighbors are always a minor or major consideration, depending on how considerate you are. Since I live in a multiunit building, I try to respect the close quarters and stay relatively quiet in my day-to-day activities. My general philosophy is, if I keep a low profile most of the time, the neighbors will understand if it gets a little loud from time to time when I have people over. If you live in a party house, you've probably come up with different ways to deal with neighbors. Maybe you ignore them all together, or perhaps you've become good friends with the people who live in your 'hood. Either way, what's your general philosophy on respecting and befriending the neighbors?


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