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Dear Sugar
I am an office temp/contract worker who is getting married at the end of the summer. I've never done this before and I have no idea how much time I can take off.

I don't get sick days or vacation days but I am certain that I'm allowed time off for my own wedding. How much time is polite to ask off? One week or two weeks? Baffled Bride

Dear Baffled Bride
Typically, in most full time jobs in the sick working corporate culture in America, (as opposed to Europe where vacation is encouraged and expected) you have to put in 6 months of time before you are allowed two weeks off.

This is obviously not a hard fast rule, and personally, I feel it's too rigid, but with this said, this is your wedding and it's a very special occasion that happens once (hopefully) in a lifetime. You are going to need at least 2 weeks off if you plan to take a honeymoon.

Be flexible when you are talking to your managers and let them know that you need to take a week for the wedding but that you would take a delayed honeymoon at another time.

Just know that you are definitely going to need at least a week off. You'll need a few days to prepare for the wedding, and a few days after the wedding, so don't put yourself in the position where one of the most exciting times in your life turns into the most stressful and unhappy times. Hopefully they will understand, I can't imagine they won't. Congratulations!

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