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With less than a week left until election night it's time to start making plans — not what election parties or events you're attending, this is a much, much more important decision— who you're spending the evening with, teevees-wise. The media has been as important this campaign as the candidates — and since McCain is saying they've all been fooled as to the real state of the race, I can't wait to see the results. I know who I'm watching, I've been so CNN-loyal the whole campaign, the thought of abandoning my Wolf wouldn't happen by a hair of his chinny-chin-chin. I might peek to see what the other kids have going on though, so luckily there's a whole passel of lists to help us decide who to watch.

To see them,


Men's Vogue has ranked the news teams broken down into crucial details like what their set looks like, their biggest scoop during the campaign, and who their MVP talking head is. They said my poor Wolf's set is "Monitor-cluttered set design ripped off from Shatner-era Star Trek Enterprise." But John King's map! Rules!

New York Magazine has rounded up the Top Ten Cable News Election Coverage Gimmicks, including yes, CNN's "Perception Analyzer" that line graph thing they used during the debates — but a few I even missed. Fox had a text-in flash poll? The sample and results didn't turn out as randomly as some would hope. If you're into gizmos this list can help.

Finally, my list of Top Ten Newscasters That Push My (Remote) Buttons. While there are quite a few CNN-ers on the list, my precious Wolf is nowhere to be found.

Who are you tuning into for your election night coverage?


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