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How to Strengthen Your Relationship

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship Today

If you're looking for some instant gratification in the romance department (it is National Romance Awareness Month, after all), then take a look at these five simple tips to improve your relationship today. You don't always need big, sweeping changes to feel closer to your guy — sometimes it's about the buildup of small, thoughtful gestures. Hoping to amp up the romance in your relationship? Follow these five steps to strengthen your connection right away:

Do something sweet, just because.
It's nice to be thoughtful on special occasions, but if you treat him in some small way on a random day, then it'll feel all the more meaningful. Stick a funny note in his work bag, book a surprise dinner reservation, or take care of that errand that's been stressing him out — any quick, considerate act to show him that you care.

Dig deeper.
Early in your relationship, you probably had plenty of long, deep conversations that brought you closer. As time goes on, it's only natural that the talk evolves from personal stories to everyday anecdotes, which can feel far less intimate. Strengthen your connection by engaging in thoughtful, intelligent conversations about the news, that book you're reading, or that fascinating story your co-worker shared.


Turn off the technology, and tune in.
If you're constantly checking your email, texting a friend, or tapping away at your laptop when you're in his company, then chances are he feels more than a little ignored. Allot a certain amount of time each day to tweet, surf the web, and tackle your to-dos so that when you're together, you're truly paying attention to him.

Make a point to say "thanks."
Take a step back to consider where he's been putting effort into your relationship. Then do what you can to show him that you're grateful. Has he been coordinating the plans? Reaching out to your friends? Organizing fun nights out? Everyone loves to feel appreciated, so remember to acknowledge those extra efforts.

Shift your focus.
When you're together, be together. Sure, you may want to watch TV or read a book or catch up on some work, but even if that's the case, you should set aside a short period of time when your focus is all on him. He'll appreciate the attention, and you'll feel far more connected.

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