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Editor's note: The following is a guest post written by Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent, authors of How to Eat Like a Hot Chick, How to Love Like a Hot Chick, and the just-released Live Like a Hot Chick.

Ending a friendship can be just as heartbreaking and confusing as breaking up with a boyfriend. It’s hard to find a reliable, trustworthy friend who understands you, doesn’t judge you or compete, and is just a plain old blast to hang out with. Losing that person can leave a gaping hole in your life, so follow these tips to filling it with more fun and friends.

  1. Keep Busy: Don’t give up the things you used to do together just because you’re not together anymore. If you loved Sunday yoga and manicures with this friend, go to yoga and get a manicure on Sunday either by yourself or with another friend. Keeping up your old pace will prevent you from missing her too much.
  2. Enjoy the Space: Sometimes friend breakups can bring a breath of fresh air into your life. If you and your gal pal went through some drama and tears or were way too close for comfort, notice how quiet and peaceful it is without her around. Enjoy the peace and appreciate having space in your life (and your texting plan) for things that are new and exciting and healthy.
  3. Reconnect With Yourself: Did you always do what this friend wanted without giving any thought to what you wanted or enjoyed? Take this opportunity to check in with yourself and re-prioritize your life. If you give yourself a chance, we bet you’ll discover new hobbies, new friends, and new things about yourself.
  4. Nurture Other Friendships: It’s great to have more time to either nurture an old friendship or find a new best friend. Call up old friends and re-connect, or start making friend dates with the cute girl from school or the gym. In order to make room in your closet for a new dress, you have to get rid of an old one, and the same concept applies to the people in your life!
  5. Appreciate the Past: Your ex-friend was probably in your life for a reason. She taught you something or introduced you to someone else who ended up being an important part of your life. Either way, she served her purpose and you don’t need her anymore, so take a moment to appreciate the friendship for what it was and move on with love and gratitude.
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missy1632 missy1632 6 years
Oh God, the demise of a certain friendship of mine was so so SO hard ... now looking back, I see, I actually did many of the things you mentioned! Oh, actually, except one, probably one of the more important ones... 'nuture other friendships'... I totally negleted everyone. I felt like I was the worst friend ever (who would want to be friends with me?)... I lost contact with my usual group (as we were a foursome), and one of them, who is my bestie- who i would still see, would often bring the person I wasn't friends with anymore up in conversation... I hated it. It would break my heart every time she mentioned her name.... I would just pretend I didn't hear her... not sure why she did it, and continued to do it. It was blatantly obvious it killed me. Anyway, in the end I HAD to remember, for my own sanity, that this had to have happened for a reason. Clearly though, judging by this post and how long I have crapped on about, I am still not over it. damn.
lauraxtc lauraxtc 6 years
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