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How To Tell Your Partner About Your STD

Dear Sugar
I just met a great guy. We have been spending a lot of time together and I am really starting to fall for him. He treats me like a princess and always make me feel special. We always laugh and so far we are having lots of fun together.

There is something serious on my mind that I want to talk to him about and I am not so sure how to approach this. My ex-boyfriend gave me herpes. I have been on medication for months, but I am still contagious. Since we are still getting to know each other and I am afraid that my news will scare him off. Do you have tips for me when telling him my news? Scared to Tell Terra

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Dear Scared to Tell Terra
Talking about STDs with your partner isn't very fun but it is very important. Being upfront with your man early on in your relationship will make telling him much easier and establish a trusting bond. The longer you wait, the more awkward your conversation might be.

I suggest telling your man in a place where you both feel comfortable, and not when you are about to be romantic. The way you break the news could affect the way he takes it so try not to be overly dramatic and come prepared with all the facts. Be open with your fear of his reaction and give him as much information as you can.

Try to remember that you are not alone. It has been reported that one in every five Americans is diagnosed with herpes. Although there is no cure for herpes, there is medication that can help prevent future outbreaks and decrease the chances of passing the virus to your partner.

Everyone is different so hopefully your man will accept the news well and appreciate your honesty. Remind him that using condoms will protect him and that there are many couples out there who have a happy and healthy sex life despite one or both partners being infected with an STD. Good luck to you and be safe.

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