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Dear Sugar
I have offered to throw a bridal shower for my cousin in a couple weeks and I have to work fast. There will be two distinct groups present at the shower. Do you know of any games to play to set the tone so that everyone can mingle a little bit and get to know each other? I'm kind of picky and I don't want to do anything cheesy. The bride is also easily embarrassed and I don’t want to do anything to make her feel too uncomfortable.

We are very close, but I am actually not the maid-of-honor. Her MOH is her best friend from childhood, but she’s kind of a flake. Do you think that I should let her know ahead of time about the planning so that she won't feel left out? Am I stepping on her toes by throwing this shower to begin with? This entire wedding has been so stressful on so many levels and I certainly don’t need any more tension. Concerned Cousin

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Dear Concerned Cousin
If you are concerned about tension and causing more trouble, I suggest that you ask the bride what she suggests you do about her Maid Of Honor. She may say that her MOH has many responsibilities and she’s relieved that someone has offered to take care of the shower for her. Or she may ask you to please call her and to include her because she’s very sensitive and will feel left out.

Technically speaking, if you sent out invitations for the shower, the MOH should be contacting you when she RSVP’s and offering her help to you. However, if she’s a flake, she may not think to do this. I would see what the bride says and take it from there. If you are detecting tension or nervousness from the bride, then just call her MOH and clear the air…it can’t hurt.

The following shower games are fun and very “politically correct” icebreakers for groups of women who don’t know each other. An oldie but goodie is Paired Bingo; ask the gals to partner up with whoever is sitting next to them. Prepare game boards with bridal registry items. As she opens her gifts, you can call out the items. The first pair to win bingo gets a token gift such as: a candle, a box of girly stationary or candy.

Bridal Word Scramble is also fun. Have the ladies break up into groups of three and have a list of 15 bride specific or wedding related words to unscramble. The first to get them all screams out the groom's name. Ideas for words are: lingerie, joint checking account, engagement party, the location of their honeymoon, etc…

There's Movie Love Songs Match-Up. Create a card with a list of 15 romance movies and number them 1-15 leaving a blank space by their number. Make another column next to the movies and list the 15 theme songs from the movie with a letter next to them. Have the girls break up into groups to figure out which song goes with which movie. The first group to match up all 15, wins!

This is more of an activity than a game; but you can have everyone write out a piece of advice for the bride and submit it into a big bowl anonymously. Have the bride pick a card from the bowl and read the entry aloud. The bride then has to guess who wrote the advice. If she guesses right, the one who submitted the card gets a prize. For a few more ideas click here. I hope this helps. That’s very nice of you to throw your cousin such a thoughtful shower. Have fun and good luck.

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VJ626 VJ626 10 years
This sounds almost exactly what happened with an old roommate's shower this summer...'cept there were 2 co-MOH, one planner, one flake. I, the planner, did gift bingo; a newlywed game with the groom's answers previously taped and played after the bride gave her answer (lots of work but funny!); and I asked the guests to write advice on notecards at the party while waiting for food. I put the notecards and pics from the party in a scrapbook for the bride and gave it to the couple at the rehearsal dinner. Good luck!
Imabeliever Imabeliever 10 years
I liked the great couples of history and TV.. where they read the last name and you had to remember the first names of the couple.. like Huxtable.. answer Cliff and Clair then extra points at the end if you could name all of the children.. and you won a mystery present.. Or the bride and groom quiz.. where you had to see how much you knew about the bride and groom.. fun not over the top on the cheese meter
t0xxic t0xxic 10 years
Thats a neat idea for a game lol -------------------- Dum de Dum de Dum de Dum
LaLaLaura LaLaLaura 10 years
Another cute "advice" thing to do: When you send out invitations, include an index card in each. Instruct the guests to write their advice and bring it to the party. Create a scrapbook ( I love scrapbooking), decorate it all cute, and on each page include the little picture corner things to fit an index card. Pass the book around during the shower, have everyone read their's aloud and put it in the book. Then she gets to keep all the pearls of wisdom in a nice keepsake!
Cranberry Cranberry 10 years
For the advice game, the hostess or another friend should read the advice out loud so the bride can't cheat and look at the handwriting. ;-)
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