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Huge Storms In Iowa and Minnesota Kill Eight

Huge Storms Swipe Iowa and Minnesota Killing Eight

Storms brought huge hail, heavy rain and tornadoes to Iowa and Minnesota this weekend, killing at least seven people in Iowa and one 2-year-old in Minnesota.

The raging storms left parts of towns reduced to rubble and heavy rain and lightning continued with wind gusts of 70 mph. The National Weather Service pegs the storms to a massive warm system that had been centered over the southern and western great Plains several days ago. Moving north into Minnesota and Canada, the cold high that followed sparked severe storms.

Nearly 100 people have died in tornadoes so far this year — the biggest death toll in a decade — and the danger has not passed yet. Tornado season typically peaks in the spring and early summer.


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fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
UD, I don't know that FEMA is equipt to "fitted" the bill, given our war time deficit. And I really take offense to you projecting that I think that "one act of God is different from the other." I believe that the Katrina debacle was handled very poorly, and unjustly by our government. IMHO, I feel that our country AND government need to invest more in our citizenry. How would your perspective change if it was your home and family that were destroyed? Would you refuse help from FEMA?
UnDave35 UnDave35 9 years
That's interesting info fuzzles. Should FEMA have fitted the bill for Katrina houses then? Why is one act of God different than another? (I'm just throwing these questions out there.)
fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
Scary night last night. Much of Hugo, MN looks like a big bowl of shredded wheat. A lot of people were gone for the holiday weekend and are just getting back to see what may be left of their homes. And it sounds like private insurance will be footing the bill for reconstruction as all or most of the structures were residential in form. (The distruction doesn't meet the requirements set by FEMA for aid.)
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