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Sunday Confessional: I Am a Cheater

This week's confession comes from our anonymous Confession Booth group in the TrèsSugar Community. Weigh in with your advice below.

I have been married for eight years and have been cheating on my husband for seven of them. I am 25, and he is 37. We have children together. My rendezvous started out as kissing one of our mutual friends, and has escalated all the way to going to sex websites to find people and sleeping with other married people.

I have cheated "all the way" with four people, two of them being female. I have gone as far as to have a three way with one of my girlfriends and her husband. What's really sick about that one is that they were both in my wedding. I have recently gotten a married man to leave his wife to be with me, but then I backed out at the last minute . . . They got divorced because of it.


I am constantly fantasizing about other people and crazy sexual situations. My husband and I do not have sex anymore. He is not able to "perform," and when he does, it is usually less than a minute. We focus on the kids and regular family things. I have told him that he and I are emotionally detached, but neither one of us knows what to do about it. I sometimes enjoy having this freaky, sexual secret life . . . But I worry that I am going to end up hurting my children. I want to stop and be the wife that I'm supposed to be, but I would also like to get f*cked at least once a week. I am 25, not 75. What do I do?

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fakedout19 fakedout19 5 years
That's just FUCKED UP!! Sorry! Perhabs the age given is not correct it's cover up for true ident?? Fakedout419
mrfeelgood mrfeelgood 5 years
I agree with most of these people. Decide if your kids and husband are worth saving from a horrible thing called divorce. If they aren't continue what your doing or worse yet, divorce and continue what your doing. If there is any value in them and yourself let me know. I can refer you to some help.
FabMissToya FabMissToya 6 years
Lmao I think you might be right Betty Wayne! lmao
GTCB GTCB 6 years
This sounds like another trollish post. But it's got everyone going, so kudos if that was your intent. Anyways, I'll play along too - you got married way to young to a man who was too old. Did he knock you up@17? Probably. So now you're an emotional mess and still as mature as the day you walked down the aisle. I think that your only recourse is to sign up for a daytime talk show (Maury/Jerry/whoever) and have it out there.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
lol. if this if fake--bravo. good read. If this is real you should tell your husband, get a divorce, let him raise the kids, and move to Ibiza (or somewhere like it) to be a waitress and find yourself. Oh and please do start a blog and message me the link.
testadura67 testadura67 6 years
The hows and the whys of how you got where you are don't matter as much as what you want NOW. Do you want to stay married? Do you want to date around? Decide what you want, and go from there. But keep in mind you have a family that will be effected by whatever your decision is. But being a wife and mother, and having a secret sex life is completely unfair to the people (I'm assuming) you care most about. You can't have one foot in a marriage, and one foot in the dating pool. Whether or not your husband knows you're cheating, he can feel your absence, which may be part of the sexual issue between the two of you. Most importantly, you're a mother. You have lost the right to act this selfishly. Grow up and make a choice. I promise you, whether or not they understand why, your kids can feel your absence too.
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
So what exactly would your husband do if he ever found out? My guess is that he would leave and rightfully so. You only seem to worry about hurting your children. What about your husband? If you don't give a crap about him just leave him so he can find someone better and you can troll around the streets at night looking for action. It's a win-win when you really think about it. I'm with juicebox. Get tested ASAP. With all that sleeping around you probably created a whole new disease. If vagina's had hands yours would probably try to strangle you. I can't figure out if you're one of those very selfish people or if there's actually something wrong with you mentally. If it's the latter I apologize but if it's the former you need to get your shit together. Yea this post is rude but honestly, you deserve to get shat for cheating on your husband for 7 out of 8 years of your marriage. P.S. How the eff does her husband not know yet? Do you do it while he's at work? Honestly, sometimes I wonder if these stories are fake.
myhousemd myhousemd 6 years
My sister found her now husband when she was 17. When you fall in love, you just know. I don't buy the young excuse some people are throwing around. I agree that you need counseling, both individually and as a couple.
soozerella soozerella 6 years
so you for sure need some sort of counseling.. but for purely selfish reasons, i think you should keep a blog.. i feel like it would be amazing trash reading
juicebox07 juicebox07 6 years
You are sick and need help. I know of people who have contracted STD's because their partner was unfaithful. This kind of behavior is disgusting. I agree with Betty Wayne completely.
elramos elramos 6 years
I think you should look into get some help from a psychiatrist or something.
bryseana bryseana 6 years
Maybe it's because you got married at 17 to a 29 year old. He got to date during his youth. I don't know, it just seems like you weren't able to explore that part.
fmminis fmminis 6 years
sounds like my ex fiancee.. Though looking back ... Her self serving ways were her crowning touch and I should have allowed her nymphomania to resolve itself ... which it did after she married ...
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
Yes it was mean! Which is why I said, Sorry to be mean. I'm not buying that 'sexual person' excuse. She laid herself down in another's bed within a year of having that ring on her finger, and she has no remorse for it. I've cheated before and I'm usually the first to sympathize, but she was spreading her legs for the entire bridal party the minute she got back from her honeymoon. That's not an act of sexual desperation, that's a complete lack of conscience. Dahlia I second the idea that the husband may know, at least subconsciously, and that's why he's avoiding sex. I highly doubt she was a fine, attentive, loving, sexual wife who fell victim to a young, sexless marriage.
dahliadreamer dahliadreamer 6 years
I don't really want to know how many children you have had with this man you call your husband, but have you ever thought that maybe your husband knows about this, and could be avoiding you because of what crazy sex-diseases you could have?! I'd definitely be keeping my distance if I were him. I think, the least you coudl have done was included him in your sexual encounters. For all you know, he would have been completely ok with you doing these things, as long as he got a part of it. And if he wasn't ok with it, well everything after that is your own judgement. You got married very young, and you closed off your youth much too early. With no time to explore your sexuality, you're giving this man, who should have had better judgement than you hand you an engagement ring at 18, an unfair hand of cards. Your husband has had enough experience, and was at a time in his life where he wanted to get married, and it was reasonable. On teh other hand, your side of the fence wasn't so much. My suggestion: clear the air. Clense yourself: get checked and go back to your family. Your decision to get married meant you gave up your youth, and you need to live up to this. Stop all this sexual encounters, and think about your children. If you still want to do these sort of things, maybe make subtle suggestions to your husband to see if he picks up on it. If he's down, then by all means. Don't rush it, because it will only make matters worse, and look sketchy on your part at the very least. If not, respect that, and remember why you married the man in the first place.
FabMissToya FabMissToya 6 years
Wow I really feel for you. You seem like a very sexual person, and I'm sure if your husband was able to perform you would want him to go on these rondevoues with you (i hope). There's nothing wrong with being that open to sex (in my opinion) but you have much more to think about then yourself, think about you family and try seeking help for your husband. There are other ways you and your husband can be sexual with out intercourse (Toys and thing). If you still love your husband find away to make it work. And to Betty Wayne that was really mean!
Bettye-Wayne Bettye-Wayne 6 years
No yum, she would have been married at 17, cheating since 18. But you are right, admitting she has a problem is a big first step that many never take- so there is hope!
yumchums yumchums 6 years
You r 25 and 8 yrs of marriage= married @ 13, in our culture you are very young at that age. You are not considered as someone who can take that kind of responsibility(taking care of the family). Probably you never had time to know urself and the things you like and not. You never explore avenues. You where still growing up nicely and the marriage caught you by surprize with no capacity, because apparently you don't know the meaning of love and marriage. Marriage is sacred and its for people who are committed to each other physically, mentally and spiritually. Because its sacred the enemy"devil" does not like it, he always fight and fight until marriages are broken. He is using you to destroy you and ur marriage, not only that but also some other people's marriages with your kids along. If you loved your husband pray that you may be filled with the same love you had for him when you got married. Seek professional help ASAP. At least you are not destroyed as yet for the very fact that you are able to pick up that you have a problem and need some advices. There is nothing much we can do for you on your current state Speak to the professional for your own sake because there are also some incurable deases that you might catch if yu keep sleeping around with all sorts of people and when you realise its little too late. Pull yourself together and seek help
searching-soul searching-soul 6 years
Yeah. You do sound a bit mentally unhinged... sorry. You need help and you need it soon as you sound like you are on a very self-destructive path. There are people that are more volatile than you who might not be willing to give up their SO without a fight. You could find yourself in the hospital or worse if someone goes into a jealous rage over what you've done. Please seek out a professional counselor to find out why you are addicted to these behaviors and how you can change them.
pax4pax pax4pax 6 years
Sounds like you need personal counseling and you two need couples counseling. Why did you get marries in the first place? If there were good things then, see if you can recapture that. Morality is not a word used much any more, but, putting some boundaries on your behavior would, ultimately, not only help you but all those around you.
livinlife1985 livinlife1985 6 years
now that's just being ugly...
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