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I Don't Share

I Don't Share

Dear Sugar
I met a guy that I started seeing casually about a year ago. Six months in, I found out he had not one, but two other women he was dating. He claimed it was because he wasn't sure where things were going with us and kept them around as a kind of back up plan.

After reassuring him of my feelings, he still seems to be stringing these women along. I have gotten pretty attached to this guy and and we have talked about a future together, but there is still this nagging feeling, call it a woman's intuition, that his need for attention from other women will interfere with what is otherwise a great partnership.

He is admittedly a jerk in this area and is willing to work on it, but how long do I wait to see if he can date me exclusively? I know there is always a risk in trusting someone, but I just don't know how much more effort I should give to this relationship. Blurred Bonnie

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Dear Blurred Bonnie
If your woman's intuition is telling you this guy is not right for you, I would take a good hard listen and follow your instincts. The fact that your boyfriend is still stringing these women along after you have voiced your concerns and been honest with your feelings is a huge red flag.

Your boyfriend's desire to gain attention from other women is a clear sign of insecurity, and your feelings should not have to suffer as a result. I don't blame you for not wanting to share your boyfriend, and an ultimatum might be in order. Trust is crucial in every relationship so if he isn't reassuring you of your doubts, you might want to reevaluate this partnership.

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