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If I Don't Talk To Him, I'll Regret It Forever

If I Don't Talk To Him, I'll Regret It Forever

Dear Sugar
I want to ask this really hot guy from summer school out but I don't know how to. What if he says no? That would make things really strange at school. The thing is, if I don't get the chance to sneak him a kiss somehow, I am going to regret it forever. Help! I need a plan. Boy Crazy Belle

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Dear Boy Crazy Belle.
Slow down girlfriend. You haven't even asked him out yet and you are already regretting not being able to kiss him. Ok, the good thing is that summer school is temporary. So, if he says no, you'll only have to deal with the awkwardness for another month max.

Do you have any dances or school activities coming up? Ideally, you could ask him to be your date. Then, he'll be thinking about you well before your night together and if all goes well, he may even try to kiss you when you're dancing to Nelly Furtado's Promiscuous Girl! I just love that song. Anyway, that's one way to do it.

But if there's nothing like that coming up at school, then you've got to be more conventional. Try to talk to him during lunch one day. Go over, say hi and tell him that you've noticed him around school and you wanted to introduce yourself. It's an ice breaker, he will be flattered, and from there you can see where the conversation takes you.

If it seems natural to keep talking and you have to leave - ask him to walk you to your class. When you are saying goodbye, tell him that you had fun talking with him and you'd like to do it again sometime. Ask him if he'd be interested in a walk through the park Friday after school?

Check out a past post about How To Talk To The Cutie Acquaintance. You can find more ideas here.

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