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I Hate My Boyfriend's (Girl)Friend

I Hate My Boyfriend's (Girl)Friend

Dear Sugar
I have been dating an amazing guy for over a year; we live together and talk about our future together. We however have one battle that we always face.

He has a girl friend (who is happily married) who I do not care for mainly because she does not care for me. I have no clue why she doesn't like me. He says it's because she's over protective of him. I personally don't think that makes any sense.

I have also seen a note that she wrote him that implied something nasty about me. I know he wishes we could get along - we've never actually been rude to one another - it is just understood that we don't like one another without saying a thing.

What hurts my feelings is that he remains friends with her even though she speaks badly about me. He is going on a trip soon with her and her husband - and I am upset about it. He asked me to go, but didn't think I would want to because I don't like her.

I know I am sensitive but am I being too sensitive about this? Feeling Betrayed Bonnie

Dear Feeling Betrayed Bonnie
Your boyfriend is a pretty neutral guy, huh. He's making a statement to the both of you. He's saying that he's not going to give up his friendship with this girl for you and he's telling her that he's not going to break up with you for her friendship.

He's caught in the middle and it sounds like he's handling it the best way he knows how - by keeping the 2 of you apart. He's not turning you against each other, which is good - and it leads me to believe that he's hoping eventually you gals can work this out.

You really have no choice but to respect their friendship if you expect her to respect your relationship. But you don't have to take this lying down.

Talk to her for your boyfriend's sake and see what happens. You don't have to EVER be b.f.f with her, but think about how happy it would make your honey if you could tolerate a dinner or day at the park all together.

He'll be so proud that you've made an effort with her. Who's the big winner now? Take that petty friend.

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