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I Hate My Webbed Feet

Dear Sugar
My 2 middle toes are webbed on both feet. They are similar to Ashton's Kutcher's famous webbed toes that he displayed on TRL last year. I have always been really embarrassed of them, and always wished I had them separated when I was young.

I have just recently started wearing sandals as an adult, but sometimes I still get self conscious about them. My toes look great otherwise. I keep them manicured and looking nice, but how can I get over the paranoia of everyone always staring at my feet during the summertime? I feel like some kind of freak. "Toe"tally Embarrassed

Dear "Toe"tally Embarrassed
I've read that Ashton actually employs a "foot double" for his movies. I had no idea that webbed feet could make you feel so insecure! Have you gone to see a podiatrist? Make an appointment to see about the possibilities of a separation for syndactyly (the medical term for the fusion of 2 phalanges).

People have elective surgery all of the time for less obvious reasons than yours. I am sure that you are more aware of it than anyone else - I mean how often do you really look down at someone else's toes?

But that's not to say you shouldn't fix it if it bothers you. You have a long life to live and if there is a chance to improve your mental health and make you feel more confident overall, then I am for it! If you do decide to go ahead with a procedure, I would recommend doing one foot at a time.

I will warn you about the downside - having surgery done to your feet isn't the most pleasant experience. There's no putting pressure on that foot for a while, and usually a bootie or crutches are necessary. There is also an inevitable high cost for cosmetic surgery.

Now that you know a little more about what you expect, when you talk to your doctor, you can ask him questions about cost and recovery. Good luck toe you.

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