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I Want A Career In Magazine Editing

Dear Sugar
I am attending a small college with limited choices in majors. After changing my major twice, I've decided that I need to figure out what I would really love to do for the rest of my life. I think that working for a magazine, and helping to edit, designing layouts and putting it all together seems like it would be both satisfying and fun.

My question is, what kind of degree would I need in order to get hired for this kind of job at a well known magazine? Also, how difficult it is it to land such an awesome job? Can you help me? Direction Seeking Dawn

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Dear Direction Seeking Dawn
I am glad that you are taking the time now to research different career options. Now is the chance to explore different classes in your field and work as an intern in as many different settings as possible. I did some research of my own for you. After speaking with a few people in the field that you are aspiring into, I think that choosing a major in Journalism would be helpful. You would get excellent writing and editing experience this way.

If that doesn't seem interesting enough to you, then my second choice would be Communications. It's usually a concentration within a general liberal arts framework. This is a terrific major because it can be applied to many different fields. A Graphic Design major is art specific and it's more centered on layout. I think that would only be helpful if you know that you definitely want to work specifically on actual layouts and graphic design.

In no means am I trying to steer you away from a career in magazines, but before you get all excited about a career in that biz, I recommend you renting The Devil Wears Prada. Good luck to you.

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