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Ideas For Tax Time!

Answer to your question: The G-man at your door, that's what.


UPDATE: If you can stand listening to this conversation, here's the back story that sparked the disgruntled check writer.

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chutzpah chutzpah 10 years
the people answering phones are morons. if they were smart they would have better jobs!
thisoneisa thisoneisa 10 years
fun fact: i work at bb&t.
Nan-Einhart Nan-Einhart 10 years
I do not consider myself to be a major math person, but maybe I have a bright future at Verizon. This verges on surreal.
flippy flippy 10 years
oh my GOD. this is giving me flashbacks to some seriously insane arguments i have had with verizon people. they are trained to drive your bonkers.
code-monkey code-monkey 10 years
Pshaw, I posted this a month ago. That has the full audio which runs about 14 minutes (if I recall correctly). I don't know if I'd call it hilarious so much as frightening.
flippy flippy 10 years
what's the story behind it?
Moni-B Moni-B 10 years
Oh man, the whole story behind that check is redonkulous. ~M~
code-monkey code-monkey 10 years
That's just $0.002, for the mathematically averse.
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