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Dear Sugar
One of my best friend's constantly copies every look of mine. She buys so many of the same clothes, shoes, bags, sunglasses as I do and she takes credit like her fashion sense is her own.

When we first met we had completely different styles. She was very preppy, while I am more trendy/designery. At first it was flattering, but now it's sort of creepy and obnoxious. We now have identical head to toe outfits... even our perfume is the same!

I feel like I should be getting a commission whenever she makes a new purchase. I know that she is a competitive person, but I don't understand why she would be competing with me - we are friends and I feel this is something friends shouldn't do.

We are both stylish girls in our own unique way. I consider my fashion choices a way of expressing my identity, so it feels as though she is "stealing" from me. I am getting really frustrated with her. Do you think that I am over-reacting or should I just let it go? How can I talk to her about this? Fashion Forward Friend

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Dear Fashion Forward Friend
You have every right to be upset about this, how annoying of her. Even actual twins like the Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen dress differently as an expression of who they are. It's really weird and almost "single white female-y" of her to be copying your every look.

Your friend is clearly super insecure and she looks up to you. She is imitating you because she feels that you embody something she wishes she had; great fashion sense.

I think that if you confront her, you will just embarrass her. Instead, why don't you ask her to go shopping with you. This way when you are together you can ask her what HER opinions are and you can help each other nurture that unique individuality that brought you guys together in the first place.

By complimenting her choices, you will make her feel good about herself and maybe then she'll realize that there are things about her that even you want to emulate. That's about all you can really do. If she doesn't stop after that, then she may be too insecure and immature to be friends with.

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